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I know that TOMTOM staff is very good with maps and calculations but there is no knowledge of usability or even the slightest idea of implementing useful options into their web based or application to manage their products.

TomTom if you need help give me a shout. Even I can't make it any worse!!!


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    What is the exact issue you are facing?
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    When asked to update the map (Europe) I agreed and the system installed…
    but where? Not on the SD card with contained the existing map, no, it installed it into the devices memory which basically filled the entire device memory and afterwards didn’t allow any other update because no space.
    That’s a typical development mistake.
    To navigate around this issue. I need to uninstall Europe map from device. Load a smaller map (Africa) on to device (goes to device memory). After that installed the Europe map (onto SD card because system has not enough space on device memory). Then remove Africa (because I don’t need it currently). Now I’m able install other updates.

    It would be so easy to give the installation a little checkbox to allow installation on SD rather than forcing a user to uninstall-install-install-uninstall to avoid memory shortage.

    Maybe someone can enlighten me about the application platform. Is this a application on Windows with a modified browser to show the UI (it’s a rather sluggish interface)? If so why does MyDrive revert to a browser rather than displaying in application to display?

    Why is the website styled differently? Support and business section (assuming other parts are as well)in old style and then the newer style (which is better looking) for other parts.
    And it seems the new style is only there to flog me some gear. Why? I’m a customer who has bought a device and might need support. GO 6100 includes all maps for lifetime. Why would I need to buy more maps?
    No – I need to scroll and try to find support or any other useful information. Yes, I know the argument scrolling doesn’t harm you but I’m not using this site every day and I can’t be bothered to try to memorise the sites links and where to find them. Hint – Make a bigger menu on top to integrate the most visited pages.
    Is this Central Europe User Experience guiding this new design? Someone dropped the line ‘call the visitor for action and the action is called BUY’? Anything else is not important. Really?

    Any further analysis of the user interface would be charged for.
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    Oh my, i must feel lucky that my sat-nav works great any way possible. i don`t understand how people like him, with exactly the same sat-nav, have so many "problems"...
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    Hi AlexandruUK,

    Are you one of those people sucking all up from companies and admiring them for their pure existences? I guess you queue in front of an apple store to get the latest device.
    I would like you as my client to develop applications or web sites. Would make my life easier, believe me.
    Telling me that I create the problems and you, as a better human, can work it perfectly – good on you. Now go and troll somewhere else.
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    I suppose they don't have enough manpower to bring all the sites and pages up to date. If you think the WEU sites are bad, have a look at an EEU site. No way for years to buy a map, unless you have a pre-2010 device.

    But anyhow, most probably they will update their old pages at some point, just doing it real slow.

    Completely agree with the sentiment of user selection where to install, but unfortunately for some strange reason, TT product managers think they know best.

    About the recent issue you mentioned with the device filling up, looks like a device software issue. It shouldn't allow to have less than 100MB free on the device, but somehow it did. We will see if the next update addresses this issue or not. Should be due this coming week.

    Don't know what the new MyDrive Connect is based on, but wouldn't be surprised if it was some modified own browser, with html5 support (as it doesn't require Adobe Flash anymore and doesn't use 3rd party browsers either). In my opinion, this new MyDrive Connect has some compatibility issues yet, especially on Mac PCs. The previous version was easy to troubleshoot, as usually it could be traced back to a browser or Flash problem. They also have a new back end system too. So most likely it will take some time until all these will cooperate better with each other. And supposedly Windows 10 will be another challenge at the beginning, but then more people will use the same OS (as it will be free to upgrade from 7, 8 and 8.1) and it will be easier for TT also to support 2 main OS versions, not 5-6.
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