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TomTom Launches MyDrive

TTChrisTTChris Posts: 964 Retired Community Managers and Staff
Hi all,

As announced earlier we've been beta testing a solution for delivering Community POIs for GO and START 40, 50, 60 series / GO 400, 500, 600 / 5000, 6000 as well as Rider 40/400 devices. This MyDrive release is providing that feature and more :D

Feature List:
  • Route Planner – Plan a route on the map either by searching for a location or clicking/tapping on the map, see the distance and the journey time, change the time and date of departure for more accurate route using the IQ routes data
  • Traffic Viewer – View Traffic directly on the map, clicking/tapping will bring more information on the type of traffic, it’s direction and the delay
  • Send Destination – Send a location directly to your device either using the search feature or by clicking/tapping on the map, the device will automatically plan a route to this destination
  • Sync Favourites – View all the Favourites from the device on the map or in a list, add or delete Favorites directly on the map
  • Sync Community POIs – Send your own OV2 files from your Computer to your device.
Let's have a look at the new MyDrive and what you can do with it:

When you open MyDrive Connect you will see a link to the MyDrive page.

Search option

By clicking on the search option you can search for a city or a street: When you start typing MyDrive will start to show a list of possible addresses.

Plan a route

MyDrive will show the distance, the arrival time (time is based in expected traffic) and the route planned on the map. You can also decide when to leave (day and time) or when to arrive (day and time).

Sync a destination:

When you plan a route, the destination will be added automatically to your device and it will plan a route to that destination.

NB: Only the destination will be imported. Your device will calculate the route based on your GPS position and settings.

The destination can be found on device under My Places > Recent destinations (or also under Recent Destination from Main menu).

Sync Favourites places and Community POIs

Under My Places there is the possibility to add Home location, Work location and a new place.
You can add a new place by typing the address and once it is found click on Done (you can also give a personalized name to the Place).
By clicking on Done the Place will be shown in the list and added in automatically to your device.



Sync Community Content

You can import OV2 files from your computer in order to add POIs.




The file will be listed under POI files as well as MyPlaces on your device.


- In order to have the sync of recent destination/ favourites place/ POI, you must be logged on the device with the same account you're logged into MyDrive.
- With Always Connected and Smartphone Connected devices you don't need to connect to you computer for synchronisation as it will happen over the air. Not connected devices (e.g. the START series) must be connected to computer via USB cable to your computer in order to synchronise content.
- The sync of Places and a destination is also accessible by right clicking on a point of the map.
- When a connected device is turned on it will receive the last set destination and the Places or POI saved in MyDrive.
- Max amount of Places: unlimited
- Max amount of POIs: the limitation is based on available memory on the device. Maximum size of a single POI file is 2MB.

Favourites or POIs can also be deleted in MYDRIVE: Select a Favourite or a POI and click on Delete
(The place deleted in MyDrive will be deleted also on device and vice versa. Also a place created on a device will be also added in MyDrive.)


In Map Settings you can select whether you want traffic to be shown, select a night view or select the distance units.

Under MyDrive Settings you can read more about the use of your data in MyDrive. You can also download the data we are using in a text file (mainly a list of coordinates not linked in anyway to you personally).

Customer can also decide to clear his data from MyDrive.


For the full press release please see here.



  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,091

    Well done MyDrive on Steroids is looking really good :D

  • MarkfishMarkfish Posts: 214 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Really? custom POI's are finally here? Is this available today? If so, I shall go out and get my new unit, I have been waiting sooooo long to update :)
  • TTChrisTTChris Posts: 964 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Markfish wrote:
    Really? custom POI's are finally here? Is this available today? If so, I shall go out and get my new unit, I have been waiting sooooo long to update :)


    It's right here, ready and waiting. :D

    I know everyone has been waiting a long time for this one, but obviously we wanted to do it right. Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!

  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]

    TT appears to take care of showing some respect for personal data (as law dictates anyway :D ), unlike Waze.

    POIs here. Looks more like a folder to collect my own places. It seems they aren't searchable and what people "need" most (not my case, since I am ok with the official speed cameras), is the warning when a POI is about to flash... I mean appear close by.

    After selecting a POI file. it shows the option to delete. clicking anywhere else, won't unselect the POI. You have to click the POI entry to get the import option again. Can't the options being show at the same time or focus anywhere else but the file also loose the selection? Multiple selection is not supported anyway.

    Waypoints? Please *puppyeyes*
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,012
    One step at a step.
  • MarkfishMarkfish Posts: 214 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Can anyone confirm that there is a "Warn near POI" option as on the previous devices please? If so, can we upload our own sound files?

    Just also realised, I have a uploaded map colouration scheme as part of my community content, will this also be supported?

  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    It is not, no customizations or signalization for POIs.

    You can load the POIs and see them in the map through your places, from there select them for the route. As far as I have checked, you can't search them from the general search, only from the special view for POIs inside my places.
  • MarkfishMarkfish Posts: 214 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Ah, maybe not so good then. I have a 3rd party camera database which it would be nice to hear the warnings for and 500+ customer locations on my current device which I find quite easily using the POI near me search option. Maybe a few refinements needed then.
  • NsyradNsyrad Posts: 18 [Master Explorer]
    I have updated to the latest my drive connect, but there is no link at the bottom, to My Drive, so I cannot install custom POI's. Any Ideas?
  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
  • alan_talan_t Posts: 18 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Nsyrad wrote:
    I have updated to the latest my drive connect, but there is no link at the bottom, to My Drive, so I cannot install custom POI's. Any Ideas?

    +1 Same here
  • N1XuaN1Xua Posts: 19
    You have to use the following link
    This feature is not part of the MyDrive Connect App, but a service that work over your web browser
  • alan_talan_t Posts: 18 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
  • stevewalesstevewales Posts: 380 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    same for me! no link at the bottom of mydrive connect for the new mydrive features. If its not part of the app why do you include a screenshot of the app with the link at the bottom? is this not complete impotence?
  • stevewalesstevewales Posts: 380 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    sorry forgot i was talking about tomtom there for a moment... now i understand... this is not impotence, its just the norm for tomtom!
  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    After managing such a large scale release I think that tiny slip is more than ok.
  • ThetecThetec Posts: 21 [Master Traveler]
    If I type I get to the mydrive cloud service, if I don't bother with the prefix it'll just time out and Firefox gives the error that it's taking too long to respond.
  • JensJakobGo6000JensJakobGo6000 Posts: 81 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Cant use Archies Europe :-(

    Mydrive connect says "The file is too big

    You can only import files up to 2 MB"

    So. TomTom - could you inform us on the full picture and limitations?
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,012
    Divide it in two :) JK :)
  • JensJakobGo6000JensJakobGo6000 Posts: 81 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Did do. In fact. Loaded the Archies by country. Works nicely. Now I can easily find campsites in each country.

    But found a bug. Can you guess the bug?
  • jcmn1jcmn1 Posts: 8 [Master Traveler]
    This new mydrive is very interesting and I have some suggestions to improve it:

    - clicking on a spot shows first the coordinates but immediatly turns to the address. Should be possible to see both so that we can use them?
    - In the context menu when clicking a spot there are no options to define it as the route beginning or the end. We can only define a route from where we are.
    - To add the home location it's possible only searching by address.
  • FandangoFandango Posts: 215 [Supreme Navigator]
    Great feature and it works smoothly! A backup for my favourites, at last... :-)

    I agree with the points expressed by jmcn1 and I hope MyDrive will be improved!
  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    The Link for "MyDrive" appears now inside "MyDrive Connect".

    I am a bit surprised that is not loading (in my case) inside the application but opens mydrive with the default browser.

    Still missing some option to to move the map back to the internal memory after disabling some 3D buildings.

    I want map share updates again :8 or as my cat would say in such situations: IM GONNA KILL MEESELF EATIN CHEEZBURGERZ!
  • Ellie56Ellie56 Posts: 21 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I'm very quick to criticise, but equally will give praise when warranted.
    This update at first glance appears to be very well thought out and the send to device feature is very good.
    Its taken a while to get here but in my opinion the wait has been worthwhile.
    Well done !!!:)
  • CalvinBCalvinB Posts: 7 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Not impressed with the POI option, I have masses to load so that takes a while. Then no icons, with so many different brands I need to see them on the map. Warnings near POI's there is not one. I dragged my new Tomtom out and dusted it off. Are there any more releases to come so POI's can become more useable or should I take the unit back and swap it for another brand?
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