Avoid Part of Route?

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Hi there,

Sorry if this has been covered but I don't have time to trawl the forums I'm afraid!

Looking to upgrade my current TomTom One to a Go 5000 for a few reasons however I've seen many reviews saying the 'Avoid Part of Route' feature is no longer available. I use this function almost daily on my One and want to know if this has already been added (many reviews are quite old now!) or if it is being added to an update in the near future?



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    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum!

    This feature has never been available on the new GO range. We've received a lot of feedback about it. Unfortunately, I cannot say at this point when/whether this feature will become available.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Hi Mikko,

    Thanks for the quick reply!

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    It would be nice to have because even though I’ve reported the Cattle Market Road in Bristol, that’s CATTLE MARKET ROAD has been closed to traffic for 3 months and will be for at least another 3 months while construction works take place my Go400 still tries to navigate through that road.

    What’s even more strange is looking at traffic of this road on my PC at this moment this road is showing as being congested but how can that be, it’s closed unless it’s a road full of dumper trucks and cement lorries.

    Please, please give us avoid roads then TT can carry on doing their own thing.
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    I miss this feature as it allows me to avoid certain motorways but use other motorways. At present I am switching to back Tom Tom Navigation to perform the task I need.
  • Andy766702
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    Would love to have this feature in Go, so need it.
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    At the current GO, you can on your "Current Route" do the following:
    - Clear Route
    - Find Alternative
    - Avoid Blocked Road
    - Avoid toll Roads and more (you can chose Toll Road and/or Ferries/Car Shuttle Trains and/or Carpool lanes and/or Unpaved roads)
    - Show Instructions
    - Add Stop to Route
    - Add to My Routes
    - Change Route Type (Fastest route, shortest route, most eco-friendly route, avoid motorways, walking route, bicycle route)
    - If you have Stops, you can Reorder Stops
    - You can Drive to Route (if you aren't there yet)

    Trust this helps,
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    Hi AIFu,
    None of these options allow a user to select a particular road to be avoided.
    This is what we are all calling for.

    We were used to this functionality in older TomTom versions & miss it very much.

    Even with TomTom traffic enabled, there are s number of occasions when youas s user know in advance that certain road will be bad news, but TomTom insists on taking you though it.
    The only option currently is to force it to travel via some point that bypasses the road, but then you are hamstringing the devices options for finding the best alternative according to traffic conditions.

    Much better to enable the old avoid part if route functionality again, so the TomTom can find the best alternative to the road you know best to avoid.
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    I was driving along yesterday and came to a right turn, but the road was closed so I ask TomTom to avoid blocked road. Unfortunately it assumed that the road on which I was driving was closed not the right turn. i was clompletely stuck so all I could do was drive on until it found me a suitable alternative route. This is a very poor implementation. You should be able to indicate which part of the route is blocked.
  • don_bidyre
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    I agree 100%.

    It gets even worse when for example one or more bridges are closed for a scheduled event & many feeder roads are also closed to reduce gridlock.

    In such a scenario TonTom sees no traffic on these routes, so thinks they are the optimum route to travel (especially as the remaining bridges would be snagged up with diverted traffic), so it insists on trying every possible feeder road as you flag them one at a time as blocked, or switch off & follow the herd :(

    So we really need to be able to set known closures no matter how far ahead, to give the device a chance to bypass the problem rather than direct you right into it.
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    I've wanted to replace my old TomTom for two years now to get lifetime traffic and maps. But until TT put the 'avoid part of route' feature back I won't be buying another TT. In fact, the top of the range TT that I bought went straight back to Halfords when I discovered they'd removed this feature. Shame - you'd think losing sales would encourage them to put this useful feature back.
  • don_bidyre
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    My impression is that the customer service team do understand this problem (they keep getting our complaints, so how could they not) & probably keep taking our feedback to the dev guys, who seem to have very little idea what it's like to actually use these devices in the real world, so prioritise things all wrong, placing their pet projects above the basic necessities.
    But if we keep banging on about it, we'll probably get there in the end.
  • J_Cattell
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    I am just back from France where I suffered further frustration on the closed road front.
    TomTom took me down a fairly narrow road where I encountered that it was closed because of gale damage. I selected the option to avoid blocked road and it gave me 2 alternatives. Unfortunately both alternatives began by taking me forward down the closed road! I had to reverse back about 50 yards and then drive away until it calculated a suitable new route.

    I am beginning to really despair of this device.
  • jbc1977
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    Yes, please! This is a crucial feature to have. The GPS before my last one had it, and one of the reasons I got this one recently was because I thought it had it too. While the alternate routing is a plus, being able to avoid a particular road (before you are actually on it) is often helpful. I wouldn't think adjusting the logic to accommodate this would be prohibitively difficult, especially since it was previously a feature. Thank you for your consideration.
  • baltutisTT
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    Need function - Touch on road an select avoid this part.
    Sample: Dublin Port - Enniskillen


    Dublin Port Tunnel fee 10 EUR (depending day time sometimes fee 3 EUR)
    When use M1 motorway - fee 1.90 EUR
    When use M3 motorway - fee 2.40 EUR
    Total toll fee for trip (one way) starts from 3.90 EUR to 12.40 EUR depending day time and which motorway use (M1 or M3).
    If select ALTERNATIVE ROUTE - all 3 routes go via Dublin Port tunnel.
    I can't select AVOID TOLL ROADS because then void motorways and use free roads (longer trip).

    I need function - touch on tunnel, then select avoid (to save 10 EUR for few kilometres trip).
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    SHOCKING! I want to avoid PARIS (nightmare) yet the update only allows parts of roads in Paris to be taken out, please TomTom let me know someone lost their job for taking away his option, you're meant to be going forward, not backwards, the two alternate options for my journey made me laugh at least, two offered route through Paris, another was miles out of the way, HaHa! Mental! Please release new firmware asap, I've a TomTom go Europe, I also have the TomTom app on my iPhone 6 which I won't update in case I lose the avoid Paris option.
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    I spent hours determined to find the most efficient way to solve the problem
    of setting up a route in advance of driving which is not entirely decided by Tom Tom.

    To do this there are two ways you would expect.
    1) On the MyDrive Map loaded on your PC – which should be easy
    2) On the device itself - which you’d expect to be fiddly

    I have found that the MyDrive option is actually the more difficult option for road avoiding.
    To tailor a route in advance of driving you can do one of the following:-

    TomTom – Go 5100
    Application Version 15.6 ( 14/01/2016 )

    To Fine Tune Route There Are Two Options

    1) On PC Loaded ‘MyDrive’ Map Planner

    Let Tom Tom set up the route on the map by setting the start and destination as you would expect.

    Right click on a road you want to use outside the selected route and select ‘Add stop’.
    That road will now be used in the Tom-Tom recalculated route.

    There is however no way to avoid a road other than my using these ‘Add Stop’ markers.

    I did find you can also can add the destination as the point just before the road you want to avoid; and then add lots and lots of 'Add Stop' markers after this dummy destination before finally 'removing stop' from the dummy destination. The TomTom then re-calculates the route to all the stops and uses the last stop as the destination. But you need to micro manage the stops and add loads to make sure the TomTom does not still try and use the road you are trying to avoid.

    You can then save the route and send it to the device.

    2) On The Device

    Make you have the route with ‘Lets Go’ on the screen or in 3d mode ready to drive.

    Hit the ‘…’ symbol to go to the menu.

    Select ‘Current Route’ and swipe one page to the left ( this is a vital step I think many miss including me who just select ‘Avoid Blocked Road’ on the first menu )

    Select ‘Avoid Part Of Route’ to avoid a road beyond the one ahead
    Select ‘Add Route To Stop’ to use a road not part of the route

    ‘Avoid Part Of Route’ gives a text list of the route so you have to know the name of
    the part of the route you want to avoid. Select it and then you will be shown a still map
    when you can confirm to avoid it. The Tom-Tom will then recalculate the route to it’s preference to exclude the road. I find this poor. It should be a map to select the road to avoid.

    ‘Add Route To Stop’
    Use the map and zoom in to a road you want to use.
    Select it from the map and select ‘+Add’ to make it a ‘stop’ or ‘waypoint’.
    Tom-Tom will now recalculate the route to it’s preference to use this road.


    You can tailor the route if you are not happy with the ‘just let Tom Tom work it out’ method but it’s hard to find on the device and a bit lacking both on the device method and on the PC ‘My Drive’ map planner.

    The Device needs to allow to you to avoid part of a route by selecting on a map – not on a text list of roads.

    The ‘My Drive’ map planner needs to be able to select a road to avoid.

    I don’t know if the key ‘Avoid part of Route’ option on the device is a recent addition to the software. It looks like it is based on a previous post. Many people seem to be unaware of it either because it is new or because it is hidden away a bit on a second menu page. Once you find this second menu page – the pain eases significantly.
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    Just came back from a week in South Devon, TT what a load of rubbish!!!!!
    Tried to use he avoid part of route feature to avoid a very narrow lane. What a joke! After selectin avoid part or route all it did was take you down the road 200 metres to the next narrow lane which then would take you back to the road you wanted to avoid in the first place. Once it tried to send me down a road that was unsuitable for motor vehicles. In the end I found a solution I bought a map much cheaper than the £300 I paid for my TT.
  • don_bidyre
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    Babbles / Grahamac,
    The current "Avoid part of route" offering seems to only avoid a point along the route rather than a road or area, so when you pick an instruction to avoid, it takes you another way to avoid the relevant junction & back onto its preferred route asap.
    I totally agree that 9 times out of 10, this is pretty useless.
  • Grahamac
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    At one point it took me off the A38 down a lane where the bushes were touching the windows, to rejoin the A38 a couple of miles down the road. How can that be the quickest route?? Totally puzzling.
  • Daff
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    TomTom routing seems to break down in places with single track roads and the like. I suspect their mapping does not give enough information to the routing algorithm about relative passability of different roads.
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    Hi, sorry I can’t figure this out, where is “avoid part of route” on the 620?

    Without it this device is practically useless in the real world, I’m very disappointed so far, my old TomTom One was LOADS better, but it’s too old to update now.

    it won’t even re-calculate if I drive down a different route, which I do often depending on traffic / my mood.

    But avoid oart of route is critical in real world journeys when you don’t know the area, to be honest if I can’t figure this out I feel like I’ll be asking TomTom for a refund :-(
  • Carl-to-go
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    Yes! That's exactly what I was looking for, tomtom should put that weblink on the box! Thank you very much.

    I have come across two other problems, if you or anyone happens to know (Go 620).

    1. When using mydrive app to plan a route, the Send to device button is greyed out and doesn't do anything, ever. The connection is fine (I can send saved routes for example), but I can't send the suggested routes for one-off journeys:


    2. The device won't re-calculate quickly if you take a different route. Example below - my intended route was in red, but the road was blocked at the dashed red line. I know this area, so I took the route in green instead.

    But TomTom 620 continued telling me to make a U-turn for about the next 5 miles (until the dashed green line), even though:
    • I continued to go straight on (ignoring it)
    • the red route was closed
    • after the 1st left turn in green, the shortest route was then the green route
    Is there a setting to allow it to re-calculate, or is this no longer a feature?

  • dhn
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    Tomtom's routing algorithm is such that it will continually ask you to do a U-turn as long as it 'thinks' doing so will still yield the fastest route. Until it doesn't. Then it recalculates.

    As you've noted, this algorithm is not perfect as times.