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A few posters have mentioned it but I will jump in here as well. Simply, what a waste of time and effort to choose new software for the forum just to crunch the data in an available screen far too narrow than that which is available for the user on his/her monitor.

Simply put, long gone are the days of essentially square CRT monitors. Today's flat screens are wider than higher. And the screen space is not getting used effectively by the board software; indeed, the output is crunched and cluttered.

For example, my monitor winds up with 3.75" left border, a 11" width for text , and a 3.75" right side border. In other words, a 40% waste of space.

How silly.


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    I use a 55cm Widescreen monitor, "Every" other Web site or Forum (Including www tomtom . com)
    Displayed The page 312mm wide, the new Support forum displays the page 250mm wide. that's only 80% available page used, and then the user name and Avatar + Site status takes another 65mm (26%) of the already reduced, useable space
    I really appreciate all the work that has gone into changing from the previous service provider
    The new site is still in its infancy and I hope it will be developed to supersede the facilities the previous Forum

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    Hi all,

    This was brought up already in the testing and we're looking into it. Meanwhile, you can use your browser settings to zoom in/out to your desired level. An easy way to do it to hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up/down with the middle button of your mouse.

    Cheers, Mikko