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I have a TomTom one which is failing to charge in the car and appears to not hold charge if charged on electric....any idea what the issue might be?


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    I bought a mains (USB) charger which doesn't seem to charge on my Tomtom One - in car charging is fine.  It asks if I want to connect to computer which I don't.  Any ideas?
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    hi bindi the usb charger will charge tomtom just dont turn the unit on when connecting to computer,your green charging light should come on when you say MAINS usb charger i take it you mean a usb lead?if you do not get the green charge light on make sure you use a usb connector on the back of the pc,sometimes the front ones just dont have the power if there an additional port

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    Had a problem getting my START model to charge.  I connected unit to computer via USB after non-use period and could not get past the Start screen.  It turned on with audio beat, said wait, then changed to Start screen, then nothing. I went to Tom-Tom Home on the computer and downloaded necessary upgrades (free ones).  However, it did not seem to make any difference to the screen of unit.  I could not see whether it was charging, installing upgrades or anything else.  I was just hoping it was charging.  Whilst waiting I searched forums for "charging" and found yr answer for different model.  I was plugged into a front 1 of 2 USB ports but decided to scratch around and change to rear port. Cheers! that worked and I was able to move onto next unit screen with Favorites etc.  I have not used this unit much.  I had charging problem also with car charger when first got it, but traced that to charger itself being broken.  Returned it to TT c/s and got new one.  Now I want to download routes from TTHome to unit but it wont and I can't choose "avoid toll roads".  Maybe this model isn't fancy/costly enough.  I'm not thrilled with it, it seems hard work but maybe I'll press on with what it does do.  Thanks for your help with USB charging info.
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    hi spikeyone 1 glad to help ,avoiding toll roads isnt possible on your unit but heres a link to another post,megalos has a solution that can change your interface so you will get this option  good luck :D

    [url="; target="_blank][/url]

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    hi there i hope u can help me out i have a tom tom one 3rd editon and it not hold it charge or light not on the top can u tell me the problom
  • dkecklerdkeckler Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]

    Our tom tom worked great and then stopped charging in the car. Looked and the end of the charger was gone! How do you get a new charger for the car? thanks
  • dhndhn Posts: 32,896 Superusers
    I presume you mean the part that goes into the unit and not the part that goes into the cigarette lighter.

    You sure it hasn't broken off and is stuck in the unit?

    Anyway, go here: to see some choices.

    You can also try a big box store like Best Buy or Fry's. I'm sure they have generic car chargers for gps units.
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    Hi This will happen everytime you connect to the computer. Just tap the NO option and the device will continue to charge via the USB.
  • andycandyc Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    my tom tom one 3rd edition will not charge with my car charger and i have no mains charger, please help as i need it big time!!
  • dhndhn Posts: 32,896 Superusers
    You should be able to buy a replacement car charger either on TomTom's site or at an Electronics store (Halford's?). Does the unit charge when connected by usb cable to the computer?
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    I have a Tom Tom which will not hold a charge.  It works fine when connected to the cigarette lighter in the car or if it is connected to house power.  The minute I turn the car off it goes blank.  It is only 8 months old and has been used no more than 20 times.  Any solutions?
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    Seems as if the battery has failed, since you unit is only 8 months old it should be under warranty. You should contact customer service about getting the battery replaced.  If the gps was not under warranty, you could change the battery yourself but its a bit more difficult then changing the battery in a flashlight.

    Customer Service for Australia

    1300 135 604
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. AEST
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    Could uou help me getting a new Battery for my TomTom One. 3. ed. and give me a manua/instructions l how to change it ?

     Per Jahren (civic)
  • TraylawTraylaw Posts: 3,865 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Here is a video showing how to replace the battery in a TomTom One.

    [url= target="_blank]

    As for obtaining a battery, simply google "TomTom One battery" and you should get a listing  of several suppliers.

    As for the torx tool you can also find them at most auto supply stores if the battery supplier does not provide a tool with the battery.
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    My Tom Tom worked fine in the car at first and now its doesnt charge in car and am not sure that it charges in the computer even if you leave it for a long time.
  • TraylawTraylaw Posts: 3,865 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Is there an indicator light on the gps that is lit indicating that the charger is suppling power to the gps?  Does the gps work while it is attached to the charger and dies shortly after disconnecting the gps?
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  • TrudijaneTrudijane Posts: 21 [Outstanding Explorer]

    A few questions.  Whe connecting my GPS to my computer to recharge, do I leave my Tom Tom off?  Or do I turn it on along with the computer?  My Tom Tom does not have a green light that shows whether it is charging or how do I know that it is.

    I do know when I plug it in the next day to the car lighter, but as I said before, if it does charge, the battery doesn't hold a charge and will turn off when the battery is low.

    My previous (similar) GPS never did that or needed the battery charged and if I did not use it for a few days, it would turn on after a few minutes of plugging it into the cigarette lighter.  Cant' figure out what's going on, but I'm not happy with it.

    Since it's new, should I return it? Or is there a solution.
  • TrudijaneTrudijane Posts: 21 [Outstanding Explorer]
    ou should be able to buy a replacement car charger either on TomTom's site or at an Electronics store (Halford's?). Does the unit charge when connected by usb cable to the computer?


    Elite Voyager,

    I don't know why my new gps Tom Tom (EASE) unit shut off in the middle of a trip because the battery is low.  That tells me the cigarette lighter is not maintaining the charge that I get connecting it to my computer.

    My previous gps (Tom Tom One) that I bought on E-bay used, never gave me any kind of problems with having to charge it or shutting off while conneted in the car.

    The   car charger came with the unit, so since it's new, should I just ask for a replacement charger or entire unit??  I don't know why I'm having these problems.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,976 Superusers
    You need the computer on and the TT on for charging from a PC (unless you use a USB hub with its own power supply, but yet the TT needs to be on). The reason why it doesn't hold the charge is that the TT units don't shut down at switch off, just go to stand by, which consumes power. If you want a complete shut down, you need to hold the off button for 10 seconds.
  • dhndhn Posts: 32,896 Superusers
    Zsolt...... I don't think the TT unit needs to be on to get charged from the computer.
  • PetalPetal Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have tried everything that I think is appropriate.  I am ready to buy another product.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,976 Superusers
    Not sure. But can't hurt though :) At least it gives a slow charge to the battery :)
  • TrudijaneTrudijane Posts: 21 [Outstanding Explorer]

    OK, this moring, the Tom Tom seems to be recharged since it asks me the route, etc. if I put it in my car.  So, you're sayig that when not in use, I should hold down the off button for several seconds so it doesn't lose any charge?

    I can do that, but it still doesn't make sense that it should not start re-charging again once it is in my cigarette lighter and just shuts off.  I say this because my last one which was used, always kept a charge whether it was plugged into the lighter or not.

    If it did lose a charge, it would resume charching once I plugged it in for a few minutes.  It seems that my older one was more superior than this one in that regard, and it was basically the same Tom Tom.

  • TrudijaneTrudijane Posts: 21 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I don't think the TT unit needs to be on to get charged from the computer."


    It doesn't.  It took a charge when off but my computer was on.

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