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POI radius reduced to 2.2 miles on new map 8.75....IDIOTS!!!

SoCalSoCal Posts: 26 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
edited January 2018 in Map installation
tomtom, how much more do you want to piss off your current customers???

why would you reduce the POI search radius to 2.2 miles???? what good is the POI search function?

why does tomtom keep reducing functionality in every previously useful feature imaginable:

-they reduce POI search radius to 2.2 miles

-they reduce HD traffic radius

-they take away address data from the POI's

-they take away multi-destination routing

tomtom are you purposely trying to drive away your few remaining customers, who are barely clinging on to you?

you've essentially made your tomtom navigators useless!
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