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Does anyone know if it is possible to save an itinerary in tomtom android app??


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    There is an itn folder, but it is not used by the app. So itn is not supported.  :(
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    are there any plans to use this feature in the future
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    the new GOs are based on Android. They can manage routes. Though there is no export/import option (yet). Based on this new software there will be a new Android app as well. But there is no information when and with which features.
  • Are you sure, that the new GOs are based on the android-platform? As far as i know, they use the linux-kernel with custom libraries for the ui etc. (Not android-ones). Correct me if i´m wrong ;) But yeah, i hope they ship the new android app soon :)
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    Hi Karsten,

    sorry, of course you are right, the new design is based on navkit4 platform and can be ported to Android as well. So we will see what´s coming up.  :D
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