How to check phone compatibility for the new Smartphone Connected GO devices

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Checking if you can use your smartphone to get TomTom services on the new Smartphone Connected GO devices is fairly simple. Your smartphone needs to meet the following requirements:
Do your smartphone and your mobile operator allow to share the internet connection of your smartphone? In your smartphone's settings, check that you can turn on the Personal Hotspot (iPhone), Bluetooth® tethering (Android) or Internet Tethering (BlackBerry).
Can your smartphone share the internet connection using Bluetooth?
Can you access the internet on your smartphone? Open a browser on your smartphone and check if you can browse the web.
If your smartphone meets these requirements then you can use your smartphone with the new Smartphone Connected GO devices.
More information about this can be found in our FAQ:
Update: For North American devices, please see here.


  • de_peterde_peter Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I hope you can enlighten me but my smartphone meets the above requirements and it does not work with my brand new Tomtom GO 500. I can connect fine to the internet over bluetooth with my laptop. It is running Android 4.1.2.

    My smartphone is a JIAYU G3.

    The fact that it seems to connect fine to my laptop indicates that it must be a problem with the tomtom device.

    I've opened a topic about it here:
  • timFStimFS Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have found that an Apple Iphone5 with O2 provider pay as you go, does not support tethering and will not therefore work with my new TOMTOM GO, I feel completely let down as both products are top of the range and you simply do not expect this. Pay as You Go customers paid maximum for their phones and a monthly bolt on charge - so this is unacceptable.  The TOMTOM box and staff in the shop gave no clue as to the likely problem when I bought the TOM TOM
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    It is more like an O2 issue. iPhone 5 supports BT tethering, but O2 not on PAYG.
  • StomStomStomStom Posts: 630 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    (Simply) The end of the Live devices as we know them.

    from mobielinternetkiezen dot nl:

    'Providers in the Netherlands are not in favor of Tethering because it increases pressure on their existing data networks, and reduces the chance that people get a mobile internet subscription for their laptop'

    Some providers allow Tethering, some block it or let you pay extra (like 15/month) just for the option.

    Guessing the 6000 (where is it?) won't come cheap either.

    Now the phone only tomtom (App) becomes (too) attractive/ is the only thing left 'in Live'.

    nice facelift tho ;-)
  • pudderspudders Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I can see the whole idea of tethering your iPhone being a huge problem.. this is not as big in the UK as other places.  I am on Tesco (O2) which is a rolling contract with 1gig allowance per month... they do not support tethering at all!

    I heavily rely on my Traffic for my job... and to just turn on your device and go is great.

    I was about to purchase the GO500 but after reading this... will sadly not.  A backwards move if you ask me to use your smart phone to tether.  Can't justify spending the extra just to have it 'always connected' on the 600

    Sorry TOMTOM but I feel this is not a good move and you've lost out on a sale.
  • ChrisChris Posts: 934 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Pudders,

    Always connected devices will be released into the market soon, pricing is yet to be confirmed. For more information you just need to visit our product pages:


  • pudderspudders Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Like I said .. this is not an option as way too expensive.  If they just did what thet did with the VIA range it would be more attractive to customers. 
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    The always connected models have a built-in SIM with that data plan. There is your justification.
  • pudderspudders Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    if my mobile provider switched on tethering then I would be able to use my data allowance from my provider rather than pay £100 more for a device to get the same thing!   If data used is minimal then there is no way I would max out my 1gig allowance.
  • pudderspudders Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I wonder if TOMTOM did any research on mobile companies in the UK with regards to tethering as a lot of them are either a bolt on to their contract or are no longer allowing. Just this year Virgin Mobile have announced they have outlawed tethering for anyone who signs up after Jan 2013.  Tesco are not currently (and have not done since it was announced for iPhone) Other companies like O2.. a hefty bolt on...
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    People complained about Vodafone coverage issues and "expensive" LIVE services. There you are. Answer for both. If you sort yourself out, there is only your provider to blame, whatever happens.
  • IsarienPicardiaIsarienPicardia Posts: 14 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I phoned TomTom to enquire about this. They said that thery had done research in the Netherlands. They were not aware that Orange in France charged an extra 10 Euros per month for tethering services.
  • pudderspudders Posts: 35 [Outstanding Explorer]
    O2, T-mobile, Vodafone and 3 all charge for tethering bolt ons in addition to your data allowance...3 only do free tethering if you are on their 'all in one package' which is expensive.

    So far... Tesco & Virgin Mobile do not offer tethering options.  Tesco only allow tethering via Android not iPhone ....

    I think this has been overlooked in the UK as to if tethering was a viable route for transmitting data to the new TOMTOM devices...
  • mauromolmauromol Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]

    I've just bought a TomTom GO 500.

    My smartphone does meet the necessary requirements and Bluetooth Tethering is permitted by my provider (Wind in Italy). In fact, I can correcly use my phone to surf the web from my PC, using the Bluetooth connection.

    However, when I search for my phone from the TomTom GO 500, no device is found. I already made sure the phone is set as visible in its Bluetooth connection settings, in fact I am able to pair it with other Bluetooth devices.

    My phone is a Nokia 5230, based on the S60 operating system.

    Can you please help me to troubleshoot this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    Your phone doesn't meet the requirements as it is not an iPhone, Android nor a Blackberry.
  • mauromolmauromol Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    It's not said anywhere that you must have an iPhone, an Android or a Blackberry phone!

    The requirements also written in the first message here and on other places of this website/user guides are:

    - your mobile operator allows to share the internet connection of your smartphone

    - you smartphone can share the Internet connection using Bluetooth

    - the smartphone can access the Internet

    iPhone and Android phones are the ones TomTom has tested, that doesn't mean that you must buy one of those, unless TomTom has a marketing agreement with Apple or Google or such.

    Bluetooth is an open standard, so even if I can accept that there can be difficulties on setting up the whole stack required to access the Internet through an untested smartphone, what I can hardly accept is that my smartphone isn't even seen by the GO 500. There's no technical reason why this should happen, unless the device is blacklisted or something like that. I can pair and use my smartphone with all the other Bluetooth compatible devices I've ever tested, including automotive devices like the one installed on my car (the Fiat Blue&Me).

  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    Click on the link in the first post, bottom of it.
  • mauromolmauromol Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Zsolt, I'm a software engineer, I perfectly know what "currently not supported" means (as stated on that page), and it means it's not tested.

    Moreover, how many other "fashion" mobile operating systems exist? Just Windows Phone, which is of course not supported because it can't do Bluetooth Tethering.

    S60 phones are not trendy anymore, however they should support all the functions needed for this to work (I can do it from my PC). Also, as I said, it's hardly acceptable that the phone is not seen at all, so I can't even determine if my GO 500 is functioning properly or not.

    So, I would appreciate an official reply from TomTom staff to know why my phone is not suitable to work with the GO 500.

    Please also note that before buying the GO 500 I thouroughly read the information at:

    - [url="; target="_blank][/url]

    - [url="; target="_blank][/url]

    and it's not stated that iPhone or Android or Blackberry are mandatory.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,978 Superusers
    I'm not arguing with you, just pointing out the obvious. There is a FAQ which says your phone is officially not supported. They have a reason to do so. And your phone doesn't work with the device. Therefore the FAQ covers your case more or less.

    What you can do is: Make sure your S60 based Nokia has the latest software via Nokia Suite, make sure your TT has the latest software via MyTT, do a soft reset on the TT (or factory reset), make sure your phone is set to visible and let the TT to find it. Other than that, not much that can be done. It works via PAN on BT. Is it supported on S60?
  • mauromolmauromol Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    After further reading and research (sorry, I read your last post only now) I determined that the problem is that my phone does not support Bluetooth PAN profile, although it does support DUN profile. Internet connection from my PC is done through DUN, in fact.

    If this is the actual reason, I suggest TomTom staff to correct its information so that it's clearly stated that the PAN profile support is the actual requirement. Talking about "Bluetooth tethering" is just misleading, since Bluetooth tethering can be actually performed using DUN too. I made a lot of searches on the net to see if my device did support Bluetooth tethering before buying the GO 500 and the results were positive. A personal testing on my PC also confirmed this :-(

    The second suggestion would be to add the DUN support to their new devices, so that they can be used with Symbian phones, too, but I know I'm hopeless :-(
  • StillgridlockedStillgridlocked Posts: 82 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Phone Scoop if they list your phone lists PAN bluetooth if it has it.

    [url="; target="_blank][/url]

    I can't offer any advice on these other than this since I don't have one yet although that doesn't seem to have stopped some others who must be in some kind of post count race.
  • mauromolmauromol Posts: 79 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Very interesting website, although many models are missing :-(

    Unfortunately, this kind of information (Bluetooth PAN profile support) is really hard to find out when you search for product specs on manufacturer website, because it's rare that they go down to this detail, even if you look at the product manuals...
  • StillgridlockedStillgridlocked Posts: 82 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Yeah, unfortunately they don't cover many if any Euro market phones or Asian.

    PAN should be a standard bluetooth offering but Nokia's Lumia line doesn't have it - for instance.  
  • jazzib1jazzib1 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have just bought a sony experia e which has an android system of 4.1. T mobile say that they allow sharing but the phone does not have a "Bluetooth tethering" option. It has portable wi fi hotspot and I have switched this on and made the device visible via Bluetooth but yet the Tomtom Go 400 does not pick it up via bluetooth.

    I find this very frustrating. Ami I missing something here?
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