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First note, that this FAQ only applies for devices updated with TomTom HOME. If in doubt, see this FAQ [support FAQ Which updating software].
The most common causes for rebooting or freezing are:
  • Corrupt data, e.g. after an update
  • Incompatible mobile phone (Check compatibility here)
  • Faulty memory
  • Failing battery/charger
  • Problem with LIVE services (only on LIVE devices, naturally)

If you're using a GO x20, x30, x40 or x50 device with a memory card, please first see this FAQ [GO devices with SD card].

[h3]Corrupt data[/h3]
This is the most common cause for these issues. The symptoms are that the device reboots or freezes at some point when starting up or using it. The point on which it restarts or freezes can give a hint as to which file/data might be corrupt. The most straight forward way to get rid of all corrupt data is to format [support FAQ Restore device] your device. The following video walks you through the standard procedure but you might want to check the extra tips in the spoiler below.
Click the spoiler for more information.
To insure you get a fresh download of everything do the following before restoring your device (you need a valid map download on your TomTom account):
- Close TomTom HOME from the Windows notification area or on Mac drag to trash from the dock.
- Rename the TomTom folder in Documents
But since formatting might take a long time (an hour or more) and results in the loss of favourites (for saving them see this FAQ [support FAQ Save favourites]. See also this FAQ [support FAQ Manual backup]), below are some less aggressive steps your might want to try first.
If your device freezes at startup e.g. on the TomTom logo or a flashing red X, most likely the application of your device is corrupt. Please, do the following to solve the issue and try again after every step:
Reset your device [support FAQ Reset]
Reinstall the application [support FAQ Red X]
     - If TomTom HOME/your computer doesn't recognise your device, please see this FAQ [support FAQ Device not recognised]
     - Failing that, reset the device while it's connected to your computer and then start it and or try with another usb port/cable and, if possible, computer.
     - To remove the application manually, enter the device shown as removable drive on your computer and delete all the loose files on it. Do not touch any of the folders! Disconnect and reset the device, connect it back and install the application with TomTom HOME [support FAQ Update application]. Repeat the update, until TomTom Application is no longer offered. The following video walks you through this.
Should this fail to solve your issue, you'll need to format your device. If TomTom HOME doesn't recognise your device, I'd recommend making a manual backup [support FAQ Manual backup] of it before formatting. Should formatting fail or your device not be recognised, you're probably dealing with a memory fault.
If your device is rebooting or freezing at some point in actual use or e.g. entering a setting, the most probable cause is the corruption of the map setting file (mapsettings.cfg in the map folder). Instructions how to remove it can be found here [support FAQ rebooting after map update]. Since this also results in loss of saved Favourites, you might try the following to 'revive' the settings file:
- Run the Clear flash tool [support FAQ - Clear Flash]
- Disconnect and test
- If not solved, connect again
- Move the file mapsettings.cfg to the desktop
- Disconnect and test
If solved, the favourites can be restored using POI Editor for TomTom [TomTomUsers.com]
- Open the mapsettings.cfg file
- Click on one of the favourites, Home or recent destination
- Hit CTRL+R (or the Add Favorite button) to add as a favourite via TomTom Home
Should this fail to solve your issue, you'll need to format your device. Should formatting fail or your device not be recognised, you're probably dealing with a memory fault.
[h3]Failing battery/charger[/h3]
When your device doesn't have enough power to run all the systems, it will try to resolve the issue by restarting itself. To test whether the fault lies in the battery or the car charger (or neither), do the following:
Reset your device [support FAQ Reset]
- Connect your device to your computer and charge it for 4 hours (with ONE 1st Edition and GO x00, x10 use home charger)
If this solves your issue, your car charger is probably faulty.
[h3]Problem with LIVE services[/h3] (only on LIVE devices, naturally)
- Make sure you have the latest application [support FAQ check app version].
- First, check the troubleshooting here [support FAQ LIVE service not working].
- Remove the StatData folder from the root of the device
Run Disc Error Check on your device [support FAQ disc check].
Run the Clear flash tool [support FAQ - Clear Flash] twice on your device.
I hope this helps.
Cheers, Mikko
Disclaimer: Although these tips are provided by a TomTom staff member, the forum Use Agreement applies.


  • ppeckppeck Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello MikkoK,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I thought my issue was limited to re-booting at start-up, but when I connected the device to my computer and ran "Operate my navigation device" I got a flash pop-up stating "Unable to store map settings: File access error".

    Do you still think I can fix this with the latest instruction?

    I have re-installed the "tomTom Application" file twice and still with no luck.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi ppeck,

    Sorry, for my late reply.

    Map settings are in the map folder in a file called MapSettings.cfg. I'd recommend just deleting that file, resetting your device and trying again. Alternatively, you might try factor resetting the device from the Change preferences menu. Deleting the file, however, is more effective.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • MultiwebMultiweb Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    HI Mikko,

    I have had a problem with my Go920 in that it won't fully charge.  i have connected it to my computer for days on end and still doesn't fully charge.  I also had a problem with the device freezing at the continue screen and would not budge no matter what I did.  I had to resort to using my mobile phone's navigation which obviously cost me in cellular data usage.

    How do I over come this problem of the device not fully charging?

    Kind Regards

  • selincanselincan Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    hi my tomtom go 700 not turning on I can hear voice but screen turns white. please help thanks.
  • Wyvern46Wyvern46 Posts: 499 [Exalted Navigator]
    I have had this problem with a Go530 and a Go550Live. I agree it looks like a combination of weakening battery, decreased 2G signal coverage and the internal memory beginning to become more difficult to write to. I have recovered the devices by using an SDHC card and a microSDHC card respectively. I'm assuming the cards are more easy to write to.
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