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This FAQ addresses the following issues/situations:
  • TomTom HOME error messages:Component returned failure [support FAQ HOME error while making backup]; TomTomHOMERuntime.exe [support FAQ Runtime error]; Copy folder doesn't exist (Mac users only)
  • Windows 10 related issues
  • Other issues to do with TomTom HOME installation
  • TomTom HOME reports old version number after update to latest
  • Compatibility issues

The first thing to test is whether the problem occurs if you have your device connected/when connecting or only/also without. In the previous case, the issue is most likely caused by corrupt data on your device and can be solved by formatting the device [support FAQ restoring device] (On GO 910, please make sure you make a manual backup [support FAQ Manual backup] of the LoquendoTTS folder. It contains the computer voices which cannot be re-downloaded). More information on TomTom HOME error messages can be found here [support FAQ HOME error messages].
Most TomTom HOME installation issues can be solved by doing the full uninstall, as instructed here [support FAQ reinstall TomTom HOME]. Should that fail, reinstalling TomTom HOME to root (change installation folder to C:/TomTom HOME 2) usually solves issues that have to do with permissions. Exceptions to these are discussed below.
[h2]TomTom HOME error messages[/h2]
First a general tip regarding TomTom HOME error messages: If you get an error in TomTom HOME, click Report to TomTom (anonymous). Click OK and continue to use TomTom HOME. The error message will be sent to TomTom anonymously; we will not be able to trace this error to your device. It is used for monitoring of errors. In this way it will also be captured by the System Information of your device (available from TomTom HOME Help menu) which you can provide to Customer Service for closer investigation. First, please check if your device is still supported [support FAQ - Warranty and support].
As most of the issues are solve with same procedures (full reinstallation), I'll focus on specific additional procedures below.
[h3]Component returned failure[/h3]
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This error message comes with many flavours and the solution will depend on which one you're experiencing. Should full reinstallation not solve your issue, it is probably caused by corrupt data on your device and you should format it, as advised above. Should you still experience the issue, please contact Customer Service and provide them with the System Information from the TomTom HOME Help menu, if your device is still supported [support FAQ - Warranty and support].
[h3]TomTom HOMERuntime.exe[/h3]
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Again, the first thing to test is whether the problem occurs if you have your device connected/when connecting or only/also without. For the previous the solution is to format the device and for the latter full reinstallation of TomTom HOME and/or installing in the root.
If the error message includes Error 1058, it means the TomTom HOME service cannot be started. Usually installing to root solves this, but the following might be needed:
- Completely uninstall TomTom HOME
- Click Windows button and R
- Type into the box: services.msc and click OK.
- Find Secondary Logon in the list
- Right-click it and choose Properties
- Set Startup type as Automatic
- Click Start
- You might need to install TomTom HOME in a compatibility mode as instructed below.
This error might also be caused by a compatibility issue. So if the above procedures fail, see Compatibility issues below.
[h3]Copy folder doesn't exist (Mac users only)[/h3]
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You may experience this issue, if TomTom HOME is unable to create the required folders on your computer. In this case you'll need to create them manually as follows:

1. Exit HOME
2. In the Documents folder on the Mac, create a new folder called TomTom.
3. In this TomTom folder create 4 new folders:
  • Download
  • Backup
  • FromDevice
  • Sharing
4. Start HOME (without the TomTom device connected)
5. In the menu bar, go to TomTom HOME Preferences - Folder Preferences
6. Use the Browse buttons to direct TomTom HOME to use the 4 folders inside the TomTom folder you created
7. TomTom HOME should now work normally when you next connect your device
[h3]TomTom HOME reports old version number after update to latest[/h3]
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This issue mostly occurs when running an automatic update of TomTom HOME; after TomTom HOME has prompted there's an update available. First, I would just download and run the installation file [support FAQ install TomTom HOME] from the TomTom website. And again, should that not solve the issue, full reinstallation quite likely does.
Sometimes, however, the version number doesn't update in the Windows registry. In such a case, running a registry cleaner in between reinstalling might be needed. Please, be cautious with such a procedure and do it only if you know what you're doing. That being said, I've been running the registry cleaner of CCleaner for years without problems.

Should even that fail to solve the issue, you might need to install TomTom HOME on a different user profile. Reinstalling to root does the trick as well.
[h3]Compatibility issues[/h3]
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On Windows versions later than XP, installation might fail because since user permissions are sometimes quite restricted. Reinstalling to root usually gets around this. Alternatively, you can install TomTom HOME in a compatibility mode by right-clicking the installation file and choosing Properties - Compatibility - choose mode Windows XP (Serivce Pack 3).
[h3]Unable to install on Mac[/h3]
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With OSX 10.7.5 and later Apple introduced Gatekeeper, a program which checks if the application was approved on the iTunes webshop. The Gatekeeper might prevent you from installing TomTom HOME. Please, contact Apple for more information about the Gatekeeper.
[h3]Windows 10[/h3]
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On some computers Windows 10 upgrade can change some file/folder permissions causing a problem installing TomTom HOME. Please, see here [answers.microsoft.com] for more information and troubleshooting advise.

Alternatively, you might create a new user profile and install TomTom HOME on it.
I hope this helps.
Cheers, Mikko
Disclaimer: Although these tips are provided by a TomTom staff member the forum Use Agreement applies.
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