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I planned to travel all along Chile, from the very north to Patagonia. I bought the Chilean map (not cheap btw!) and happily started my trip. This map was soooo wrong! Streets and numbers non existing, it was funny that almost every hand or against hand in the streets where incorrect. Routes completely absurd; sometimes hitting a wall. At a certain point I was so mad that I didn't use it any more and had to go back to a paper map.

I read in the forum that this is typical for many of the 'not so popular' countries (like USA, Europe, and others more travelled places). The map it was sold to me looked like a very old version of a modest paper map of long past eras. How can this be? Why is it that Tom Tom does not sell good stuff? I will not ask for a refund because I know it will be imposible. Although my device is working properly I will change it for another brand, as I feel that this company has ripped me off. A pitty.

And the message for a potential buyer of a map of Chile: please... don't!


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    The situation you have encountered will be similar for any map-making; GPSr producing Company Felipe.  The map of Chile is still in a developing stage.  What you will find in the very first map provided, the main highways only and perhaps an off-take into some cities - and this creates the primary network available to a user.  Some towns (OK - I've just glanced at Santiago which might not have been on your route but shows street level data:smileysad:)  Capital-Cordóba in Peru also the same but the capital, Lima does not and may well be to street level soon (now don't ask me to define soon, I've chosen to talk about a concept here).

    I've posted elsewhere that it's a difficult call for any map-making company.  Does one commence with the highway network and then when enough detail has been taken, the inter-connecting roads and so on down the detailed chain and have clients suffer the pain you experienced or does one wait until the map is complete to the finest detail and once again be criticised for "not having a map" of a particular country at all and why have we not got a map of a particular country and the only answer we can give is "soon" which in that case would mean to the finest level of detail (street addresses and more POI).

    The point I agree with you is that of cost vs the  degree of detail.  I'm not sure where you bought the map/s (since it can also be downloaded).  If from a shop with the facility to demonstrate their installation to you, that is the only assisted way to be able to view the map in action; apart from Map Share Reporter and TT Route Planner that is.

    I haven't tested the towns I've mentioned to street numbering level.

    As to cost vs detail available there are two points I can think of, to get a quick reply to you.  I believe that Tom Tom (yes I am an employee and do not write in a private capacity) should develop a sliding scale of price of maps in a developing stage.  Now I expect to be smacked for saying that but I try to speak out my thoughts as we go.  The other factor is that we should tag a map in a known price scale even at the download level so it is known up front as in, say 20%, 40% 75% and 90%.

    Even at such an early stage as this example there is a considerable amount of work already done even though it may just be the main road network - at purchasers level this is not seen and is why I'm going to have Marketing on my back pretty soon.
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    The perfect digital map will always be a 'Work-in-progress'. In most areas in the World where we have a presence, I believe we get pretty close.
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    Dear Shorty,

    thanks for your very quick, ample and clear answer. You look as a clever and dedicated employee.

    as for your message: I can understand the step by step development of maps. But I didnt know it when I bought the map.

    So, my first point is that the clear explanation you gave me as a reply should not be the explanation of an honest person, but a policy of TomTom. When I buy a certain map there should be a very clear advise of what to expect from that particular product. Ugly surprises could then be avoided and/or more patience could be showed up by the poor user that almost hit  his car against a wall.

    Secondly, Then there comes what you have very correctly pointed out as the quality vs price issue. I bought my chile-map from TomTom-on-line shop and I Payed for it U$ 86.- which for me is a good amount of money for a map (at least when compared against the 3 dollars I paid for a paper map which finally saved my trip).


    Your suggestion that there should be a 'quality vs price' scale as you and I see it then is a must. An 'old' company in this subject having sold so MANY maps  and having received so MANY complains should have developed such a policy long time ago. That could have saved so many unhappy customers and a bad company image.


    again, shorty, thanks for your message and understanding

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    Then we agree Felipe and I'll send a mail off to TT HQ and try to push some buttons because I see this to be an important adjunct to the sale of our maps.  It's not only the west coast countries in S.America.
    My friends call me Shorty
    The perfect digital map will always be a 'Work-in-progress'. In most areas in the World where we have a presence, I believe we get pretty close.
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    Just to add to this thread. The Chile map has been frozen for some time and there has been no work on this map for a while, about 2 years I believe...just to align everyone's expectations. I have no idea what the future road map for this data is but I haven't received any news about this map since it was frozen.
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    OK - that means major highways - for through routing and some towns to street-level.  Let me get the low-down on this
    My friends call me Shorty
    The perfect digital map will always be a 'Work-in-progress'. In most areas in the World where we have a presence, I believe we get pretty close.
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    Dear (TomTom employees) friends,

    Having discussed and said what we have.

    Having said (by me) and demostrated that the TomTom map I bought was useless and I had to rely on a paper map;  and finally having the two honest TomTom employees aknowledged such a situation via a technical justification, don't you think that I should get a refund for a product that did not give me what was offered?

    If you agree, i would appreciate you lead me on how to ask for that refund

    Thanks again.




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    I have just taken a look at the TomTom mapshop and if I am honest I think they should put some sort of message alluding to the fact that no work has been done on this map for at least the last 2 years...possibly more and therefore although the map maybe detailed at the time that work was stopped on it, it is likely to be outdated now. In the light of that fact (and this is only my personal opinion) if you bought the map thinking it had the very latest network on it as of 2012/13 then there would be no harm in asking.
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    I just returned from a trip to Patagonia. I tried using this map in Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas, and it was completely OFF!

    Also while driving on the road, it showed me as being off the road (sometimes in a lake...).

    In summary, this map is USELESS.

    I agree with the previous comments that there should be a warning (when I turned the device on it said the map was over 22 months old...). that this map is still under development, "buy at your own risk". And certainly not for this price!!!

    I feel I was cheated, and I have requested a full refund for this map.

    I hope Tom Tom acts as a serious responsible company and takes the appropriate action!

    (It never occurred to me that they would sell such an inaccurate product... I wish I had checked these forums before, learned my lesson!).
  • FelipeFelipe Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    The new evidence of another frustated user to the fact that the MAP OF CHILE is wrong, bad and useless, supports the claim of returning the money paid for such product.

    I had nice, intelligent and honest conversations regarding the problems of this map with two honest employees of TomTom, but when I asked for a refund I only received the most profound silence.

    I think that DSchawe and me should get a refund. I do not know how to do (the claim) beyond asking in this forum. Can any of the two honest employees, or anybody else help us to get our money back?

    DS: we should get together to get to our goal.

    (si voce deseja pode me escreber en portugues a meu correio: [email protected])


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    Hi Felipe,

    I have contacted customer support with details of your experience and someone from that team will be in touch with you shortly. (I'm assuming the email address above it the one connected with your TT account).

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    To all those interested, including Felipe.

    I contacted TomTom customer service, and through the help of Raquel Delgado, I was offered either a refund, or the option to update one of my other purchased maps for one year (an actual higher value than the price I paid for the Chile map).

    I chose the second.

    I am glad to see TomTom has indeed acted as a responsive (and responsible) company. Let's hope they also update their Map store to flag such situations and prevent bad experiences such as the one Felipe and I encountered.

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    Dear Sirs.

    I'm Italian and I have a TOMTOM Go 950 with European Maps, and a couple of years ago i bought  the Chile map, because I was planning to move to live in Chile. The map is very "basic" and with some of the major highways with a lot of errors. I understand that it's the "beginning", but my question is : when a good update of this map will be avaible ? Moreover, it will be an update ? I have waited a lot until now .... but nothing happened. One personal consideration: living here in Chile I see that there are a lot of persons that travels frequently to Argentina and Brazil too. The economy here is very good and I think that should be a very good market, that now is owned by Garmin (and I fount their product VERY FAR from your quality). Thank you for your attention.
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    Don't hold your breath. They stopped the map development there for two years now.
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    I bought through the Tomtom site a map of Chile, which resultet being absolutely useless and even dangerous. Most streets (99%) are not incorporated to the maps and those which are show wrong traffic directions. I claimed for a refund and was told there is no such possibility. In short: A GREAT SCAM.
  • FelipeFelipe Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    finally i have received the refund of the price paid for the map of chile.
    it is a good action of tomtom and somethng that will keep me as a customer. nevertheless, all the time, efforts and problems i had to go thru because of this map (of chile) should have been avoided. tom tom should not sell products that are far from good.
    in any case, thanks to a few good tomtom employees that supported my case
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    I purchased a Chile map a couple of years back. The second year I used it, I was constantly being directed to go the wrong way on one-way streets in Santiago. I hypothesized that the streets had been designated one-way since the map was produced. My solution was to upgrade to a newer version.

    I cannot even find a Chile map on the Tom Tom website. What is the staus of Chile maps?
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    They stopped updating it two years ago and now it is withdrawn from purchase.
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    I can hardly understand Shorty´s theory. A serious company cannot sell absolutely useless stuff at a full price.

    In my case, I was never told that the map which I was buying , at very well developed US$ 85.- was in a developing stage. 

    The trouble is that this caricature of a map is absolutely worthless.  Around 99% of the streets in the capital Santiago for example, are not registered , so it becomes imposible to set an address as a trip target. But still worse tan that,, the few streets available are wrongly signposted, in such a way that it becomes really dangerous to follow the given instructions.

    Considering these facts, I asked for a refund and was told that such a solution is out of Tmtom´s policies. So I came to the only posible deduction:   TOMTOM SCAMS ITS CUSTOMERS.
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    They removed the map from sale some time ago. I would suggest to call them and place a complaint.
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    Just as an update to the topic I do have a Chile map on my VIA 1405 (bought in Europe with Central Europe map and added Scandinavia, Argentina and Chile).

    I performed latest software update after a couple months not using the GPS (no reason to use such a bad map in Chile) and now I can't even use the Chile map.  If the Chile map is selected the device reboots after a couple minutes, and if I just touch the screen, the map dissapears and it freezes and reboots after a couple minutes.

    I've tried to hard reset, delete and reload the map but it keeps happening, so for now my GPS is even more useless than before down here.

    If I load any other map, the device works, I can go to plan routes (not much of a point using the incorrect map, but I can).

    The Argentina map was on a similar state to Chile one, with many important roads and info not added, I've seen there is a new version but I won't fall for that.  The Central Europe map was great.
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    Maybe the latest software doesn't support that old map already. Best to check with customer services. Most probably they won't be able to give you a direct answer, but I assume they would get back to you after some research. Unless one of them will read this and answer earlier than that :)
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    I'm from Punta Arenas (Chile) and December 2012 I purchased a Renault Clio III Carminat Tomtom Live included. So far there is no case with the actual location vs. showing the GPS. there is a difference of at least 2 km between these two points.

    Certainly I am disappointed, Debid for wanting to buy a vehicle with built-in GPS I had to cancel more money, and realize it does not work as it should I get impotence. Even my Galaxy S2 with google maps has better position, in fact accurate.

    I hope TomTom makers take notes on this and give a solution because I consulted second problem is due to reception of the satellite signal given geographic area.

    Let me make clear that I am not the only one who has this problem, if not ALL Renault car users with GPS.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,976 Superusers
    You need to contact your Renault dealer. TomTom is not selling Chile maps anymore and their latest Chile map is also more than 2 years old.
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    We travel to Chile each summer and purchased the Chile map about 3 years ago. Last time we used it we were consisently being sent down one way roads in the wrong direction. At that point we tried to purchase an upgrade and found that the map had been withdrawn.

    This is not an acceptable business practice. This map should be corrected and sales resumed.
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