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Hi All, If you're on here thinking about buying a TomTom please wipe that idea out of your head. The software is crap and most the features don't work. The device CPUs are very slow and the battery life sucks. The product also has hardware issues. Since the day I bought my device it was constantly spinning trying to update parts of the display. Then after 100000 different ways/tickets/forums to updgrade the maps which I payed for it never would work, then one day the power just stopped working! After all that because I didn't have receipt they wouldn't even look at it. I will NEVER come back to TomTom and make sure anyone I know doesn't use TomTom. I buy many products from many places and haven't had such a bad experience.


  • NevergiveupNevergiveup Posts: 82 [Prominent Wayfarer]
     I am sorry that you've had a bad experience but as a TomTom user for several years I cannot share your opinion and am very happy with the 3 TomTom devices I own.
  • papazulupapazulu Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Did you leave your TT in your car on a hot summer day, so that its recommended max storage temperature was exceeded? Such a thing would kill any battery and usually any electronic device for sure. Please see the manual.

    By a new one and be more careful with it

    I happened to leave my earlier TT in such an environment and the battery time became less than 20 min. After that I always had to have it connected to the mains.

    My current Start 60 will never be subjected to that situation.
  • HarlenHarlen Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I agree with you 100%, I bought an 825 to replace my stolen Garmin device and have been thoroughly disappointed with it. The accuracy of the navigation is appalling, why would I want to turn left at a set of lights then do a u-turn when I can just turn right!  POI's are hopeless (a large shopping centre in Leeds is listed many times in different locations upto 14 miles out of place and in the middle of a residential area! It's slow to start, slow to recalculate, often slow updating position on the map in city centres meaning I have often missed turns. Battery life is far below quoted figures (and it has not been left in the car or on charge too long etc..) Since maps are meant to be updated quarterly, I find it a remarkable co-incidence that no map was available until 2 days after the 90 day latest map deal was up. Bluetooth causes the product to reboot every 15-20 minutes, fortunately I don't use it as I found the speaker and microphone are so poor you can neither hear the caller or be heard by them (and I have perfect hearing Voice command control, what a joke, very limited functionality and you need to touch the device to activate it. Once I say that I do not want to take an alternative route I don't want to be asked about it again and again every 3 minutes! Live traffic is hit and miss, often will only update me to an issue at the last minute and normally as I have either joined the queue or passed the last motorway junction before it (e.g.. 2 mile warning on the M25 of a 90 minute delay) Graphics and screen are very dated, no better than my old navman from 10 years ago and are certainly a long way behind my previous Navigon and Garmin, which was stolen
  • bainfbainf Posts: 11 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I am really happy with it except for battery life and map speed limits. I can never trust what speed it says a road is. Some roads  have always been that speed at it is not even close
  • papazulupapazulu Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi bainf,

    Battery life:

    It is shortened by exposing the unit to excessive heat. I have a Start 60 which I avoid to expose this situation. It has a good battery life. I did not care about the situation with my previous TomTom which lead to that the battery almost died.

    Speed limits:

    They are changed very often so thereforeI I hope for getting information from mapshare members but when it comes to it TomTom stresses that it is your responsability to know and follow the actual legal limits.
  • jeff_mcfeejeff_mcfee Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
    I have a Go Live 1005 which I paid £260 for. Now out of warranty but I had tried to have it returned and looked at through Halfords but it was working in their and TT's opinion so they wouldn't exchange it. So, working for them means.....Not always switching on even when fully charged and with the charge plugged inFrequently can't aquire satallites without resetting - even then this isn't always effective and can take from 10 minutes to 4 hours to find any. Once got to Le Mans from Calais in France before we got them - even standing outside the car to make sure that wasn't a problem.Often loses satellites, turning maps gray before picking them up again once you are lostSometimes thinks you are ahead or behind where you are by several hundred meters so you follow the voice instructions which to turn left (for instance) and turn left into the completely wrong roadSometimes has you on a completely different nearby road.(The last 2 mean that for the final 6 months I had volume off and only looked at the screen so that I could always tell where I was).Telling you their are no delays to your journey whilst sat in a 4 hour queue between 2 junctions because the motorway is closed. Have now bought a rival product with lifetime maps and traffic for the same price as the 1 year subscription to map updates and traffic.  
  • bainfbainf Posts: 11 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Cheers for reply but no

    No excessive heat. I have only owned it over the aussie winter (similar to an english summer some may say)

    Cannot make any trip without taking the lead and it does lose some charge every day it is not used. I am not saying it is worse than others, just useless unless in a car to charge

    About the speed limits, Some of these have never changed. I have been on roads that are only 5 years old and have never changed plus brand new roads that are wrong. It even gets sections of the Pacific Hwy that were changed 3 years ago wrong. 

    Currently I would say it is getting about 1 in 20 speed limits wrong (north of Sydney) that have been changed over 12 months ago. I guess that may equate to only one an hour (not including the ones changed this year) but it is wrong often enough that I rely on road signs and would turn it off if I could. (I have turned off the speed limit warning)

    To be honest there are sections of the Pacific Hwy (our most used road) that have roadworks that are ongoing for over two years (and on on the RTA website) Why not list those with the LIVE system

    I have only ever used rival products interstate but I had much less speed limit problems

    I wish I could tag speed limits as I was driving

    It also did not pick up the camera at Terrigal that has been there for , I dunno, 4 years

    I guess I had high expectations from a company that charges sooo much for updates
  • MPowerMPower Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I agree totally with the subject of this thread. I bought a Go Live 825 last year to use on a trip around Europe. Four days into a 6 month trip the device started to display a "battery charging" message when the device was plugged into the car charger. Then the live updates stoped working, the SIM card is no longer recognised. When I reached Italy the battery failed!!!

    Instead of a relaxing trip round Europe this crap device caused me nothing but anguish and pain.

    I have had Tom Tom devices for about 6 years. Over this time the quality of the product and the customer service have deteriorated. Tom Tom don't talk to customers anymore, they prefer to point you at FAQ to solve problems yourself and avoid the expense of call centre staff. 

    I would not recommend Tom Tom as like many on this thread the experience is very poor. I will be buying a Garmin and sending this piece of crap back.
  • adgzer0adgzer0 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have to totally agree. I have recently purchased a TT Start 20 after having inbuilt systems for years and I have to say I have never ever been so disappointed in a gadget in all my life. It refuses to update on either a Mac or Windows machine, refuses to confirm I have subscribed to the Speed Camera service and now even refuses to ever find a valid signal.  I've had it a week and it will be going back to the shop for a full refund at the weekend. I'm not the sort to usually bother submitting to a forum but I'm absolutely disgusted in how rubbish a device can be. As a sat nav it is totally unfit for purpose. In fact as anything at all it's unfit for purpose, nothing but a ridiculous piece of plastic that has narrowly missed being thrown out the window at least three mornings this week! 
  • gopheritgopherit Posts: 8 [Apprentice Traveler]
    You either work for the company or never have to use it to its full

    sad to hear it took you 6 years to find out what I did in just 1 year. Website is crap, unit can't connect to server, can't update, didn't get free map update, etc. and etc. Tom tom needs to get its act together


    These are very quircky but the price and update costs are not. There are times I have felt like putting my golive in front of a wheel and just run over it.

    just 1 year with tomtom and I agree. Also their help page is a waste of time and if you get into emails and you stay persistent in your argument they actually get quite rude .. because they know you are right

    I agree with most of your points. POI's can end up taking you round back streets to their loading bays. I never nmanaged to get free map updates. Live traffic? Better to listen to local radio. I have had warnings from them far quicker than from my tomtom. But I find graphics not too bad although can be slow to change, I have often taken a wrong turn from a motorway as it hasn't updated quick enough
  • hendishendis Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I agree COMPLETELY!

    I purchased a refurb VIA 1535 some time ago (10/18/2012) and have been completely disappointed.

    The unit was purchased to replace a stolen ONE 3d Edition.

    I run the same routes with the VIA as I did with the ONE, and the VIA directs me about 10-20 miles out of my way. The unit is slow to aquire thesatellites, even after downloading gpsfix!

    I have called TT support 20+ times trying to fix the many problems with my VIA, but neither the store where I purchased the VIA (WalMart) nor TT will repair/replace the product. (TT CSRs often do not record calls that they receive -- TT only has notes on 8 of the calls that I made. TT agents have ignored 14 requests for support.)

    I am NEVER going to purchase another TT product. I will, whenever possible, encourage anyuone to purchase a competing product
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,976 Superusers

    I have a Via 120 live Europe and my experience could not be more different, its the best navigation device I have ever owned, logs on to a GPS lock in seconds and Live traffic is really good


    The Via 120 Upgrades fine for me, just plug in and its done. A map upgrade is marathon but it is a huge file.

    Ive never had a problem with the battery, I probably get about 1½ Hrs.

    Mind you I have looked after the Vias battery and not just slung it into glove box and expected it to work.

    When I did have a problem with a faulty SIM Card the UK Tomtom C/S were polite and professional they sent out a prepaid box to return the unit and I had a replacement in about 4 days + a complementary  12 months Live Traffic.

    I really miss Google Search and the Tomtom Local at the moment isn't very good.

    The return of the compass would be welcome and the itinerary planner can only called adequate, but the POI work around cover's this pretty well.    

    So over all I am really happy with my GPS and only have a few minor niggles. :D

    ATB YFM  
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  • KonaTomKonaTom Posts: 9 [Legendary Explorer]
    I could not agree more.  This Via 4000 owned 3 months...will not update. I've been through 5 tech supports advice series without success. I've pleaded with them to upgrade to a unit they know will work..offered to pay the difference, but no joy. I can't believe I'm thinking this way but it may be cheaper to just take the $175 loss and buy a new Garmin.  I might prevail if I go toe to teo with Tom Tom but I'll be spending $1 to regain 10 cents.  Another thing I can't understand...why would the mfg stay in this business...if I were the CEO and saw these hundreds of pages re complaints...I'd be shaking things up right quick. 
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,020 Superusers
    @KonaTom: Try some of these:

    - Try to disable your antivirus and firewall, use Firefox (or Opera, or Google Chrome), and make sure that your computer is not going into stand-by or similar.
    - Clear the cache before each update attempt. Also could do a soft reset before and after the update.
    - Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player and Java installed.
    - Make sure you have all the latest updates and hotfixes/patches to your OS.
    - In case the device looks like hung during the update or the counter stopped, just leave it. It will be fine in a few minutes.
    - Check your network connections, make sure that the TT's network adapter is enabled
    - Try to uninstall and re-install the MyTomTom application
    - Try to use a USB port on the mainboard, rather than a USB hub (desktop PC)

    - In case it is not working with Firefox, try other browsers (Opera, Google Chrome)

    - Any further issue: Try it on another PC, try it with different USB lead...the shorter the better (below steps are Windows specific)
    - Whilst the device connected, remove the drivers from the Device Manager (Windows/Control Panel), DELETE the drivers
    - Remove the MyTomTom application and run CCLEANER (will remove your history, cookies, etc by default)
  • 1of7501of750 Posts: 1,241 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I'm sorry but  I think the Tom Tom is the best navigator you can buy at any price. I currently own  Garmin 3590LMT and a Tom Tom 2535TM as well as aTomTom 1505TM and I never use the Garmin because I cannot trust the thing. I can tell horror stories about the Garmins crazy routing. My Tom Tom's have never let me down and they have gotten me out of some real difficult situations. I have no problem with its software or anything else. Cannot imagine why you do.
  • sludgegutssludgeguts Posts: 23 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I agree.

    I was given an 825 for Xmas.

    manflu & a dose of norovirus meant xmas went on hold so got to open pressies on NY eve.

    Couldn't link to my account since the TT software won't allow 2 devices per account - surely in this day and age it isn't difficult to say "there is a device already linked, do you wish to replace or add this as a second unit"?

    So, had to wait to 2nd Jan & pay silly money to phone customer service.

    Meanwhile, I managed to register the product and get a reference number for my 'maps for life' offer - email with registration number still to follow.

    Went through the device & all looked OK, everything valid until the end of 2013 (including the 'live').

    Went for a quick drive round today - live not working, problem with the unit, error code 10. Had to search round here to discover that I need to initialise the 'live' using the unit itself - WHY NOT SIMPLY TELL US THIS ? The so-called instruction sheet that came in the box is woefully PATHETIC.

    Many of the street names are pronounced so badly it's unbelievable - even the Asian taxi drivers do a better job (and I should know, I work with them sometimes). Bicester - "Bi-ces-ter", no, it's pronounced Bister. O'Grady - "ogradee" What?

    I would far sooner have my old, silly, voices just telling me to take the next left - I was given plenty of notice, enough time to glance at the screen to see the name written along the bottom of the screen.

    Turn right into a road loaded with the nastiest speedbumps known to man - WTF? No, turn left, it's a matter of yards longer - and certainly much faster.

    I visited a friend who lives in a side road which has two junctions with the same minor road, satnav wanted to take me up the second turning - granted it would put me on the right side of the road as my friend's house - but he only lives 100 yards away from the first turning, about 500 yards from the second!

    Planning a route with stops along the way to pick up additional passengers - the 825 only allows for 3, my old unit let me plot dozens. So now, when I plan a journey & need to pick up 16 people, I have to plan 4 times - once in advance and 3 more times along the way, what a PITA.

    Connect via bluetooth. Well, it does connect - but the microphone and speaker are such poor quality that I couldn't continue the conversation - I couldn't hear them, they couldn't hear me. How much extra have I had to pay for that 'fantastic' piece of tech?

    Touchscreen - another backwards step in tech? I keep a pencil on my dash - handy for jotting notes if I have to, but the rubber made a great stylus for operating my old unit - this one is far less responsive - and I have tried with my huge great fingers, the results are no better.

    And talking of extra payments, when the free subscription to live runs out, there is no way I am paying per month what I already pay for my smartphone - especially as there are free apps doing a similar job !
  • robbarronrobbarron Posts: 62 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    It's a shame that you've had this problem but as far as I can tell from your post you have only tried going back to the place yu bought it from and haven't actually spoken to Tom Tom directly about it. I completely understand that you are annoyed at your SatNav not working but I can only say you really should speak to the tech support people. You can do it on ehre live or you can phone them. They are helpful and will do all they can to solve your problems but they can't if you don't talk to them. Don't confuse talking to the retail outlet with talking to the manufacturers. Retailers wash their hands of all responsibility, especially if you haven't got a receipt, and will give you all sorts of **bleep** and bull stories but TomTom actually do listen.

    I know because I had a problem too and it was very frustrating but TT arranged for my Go 1000 to be picked up from my home the following morning, taken by courier so they would get it quickly, repaired and tested at their expense and returned to me. That was pretty good service I think and I also found very helpful staff members here on the forum.

    My advice: talk to them, you might be surprised!
    Rob Barron

    I use: Go Live 6000 having recently replaced my much-loved 1000.

    How to do a Full Reset:

  • robbarronrobbarron Posts: 62 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    I can't speak for the 825 as I've not had one but my Go Live 1000 must be vastly different as I don't recognise any of the issues you mentioned.

    As long as you update the QuickFix every week so that it has the latest satellite positions for thenext 7 days, mine boots up very quickly and is connected to the satellites in less than a minute from a cold start.

    Whilst I would agree that speech commands are not at all good for seting directions - it hasn't been able to recognise a place I want yet! - it works extremely well for commands which I use in the car all the time. I also can use mine perfectly as a hands free telephone system. The sound is clear and audible even when driving on the motorway and my wife has no trouble understanding what I am saying so the mic must be fine.

    Mine certainly doesn't have a problem telling me things before I need them, it keeps up very well, even when I am in a city centre. Yes, the centre of London does occasionally cause it to falter slightly but it soon picks back up again the moment Im clear of an obstruction.

    I wonder if yours has a tech problem as it shouldn't be rebooting itself when using BT. Might be worth speaking to tech support for that one.

    I have been using a Garmin borrowed from my son while mine was being serviced and frankly your comments about the graphics are just strange. The Garmin is certainly not better and the graphics on TT when at complex junctions is really good. Navigons are just useless in my experience. Had one and gave up on it after a while as it was painfully slow. It was quicker to stop and ask for directions than to use the Navigon I had!

    All in all, if you've got a problem with the device, do speak to Tech Support. As I say, I don't know the 825 as I haven't used it. The 1000 that I have did have a battery problem but other than that which was sorted by TT, its a superb bit of kit. Hope you get yours sorted out.

    Rob Barron

    I use: Go Live 6000 having recently replaced my much-loved 1000.

    How to do a Full Reset:

  • sludgegutssludgeguts Posts: 23 [Outstanding Explorer]

    Tomtom go live 825...

    In the box...

    Tomtom device

    Windscreen adapter (what? It's already built in!)

    in-car charger

    Home software (where??? Oh are we talking about the tiny bit of software built into the unit that forces your pc to download said software when you plug the unit in? OK, I suppose, technically, it is in the box!)

    Instructions - now you are having a laugh - 2 sets of pics, one showing how to plug the unit into your car (and if you can't do that, should you be driving?) and one showing how to plug the unit into a pc and log onto get started.

    But no instructions saying that you not only have to register the unit, you also have to register the go live feature as well
  • robbarronrobbarron Posts: 62 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    The TomTom software used to come in the box on a DVD but then they changed the way it worked so it is now all online. The manual though can be downloaded as a PDF file so you can read it online, print it if you want to or, as I do, read it on my iPad. Frankly I can't remember buying an electronic product in the last few years that had anything more than scant instructions printed out. Just the way it's gone I guess.

    Yes, you do have to register your device online but once you have it autmatically knows all future updates and does them whenever you connect to do your QuickGPS which is best done weekly if you use it a lot. It knows all your subscriptions and stuff so you don't have to keep downloading them or claiming them or whatever. I guess they've just gone for a more streamlined approach. Consumer buying is changing so its par for the course really.


    Rob Barron

    I use: Go Live 6000 having recently replaced my much-loved 1000.

    How to do a Full Reset:

  • sludgegutssludgeguts Posts: 23 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Yes, but my point was - I registered the unit & nowhere in the 'getstarted' screen was I told I needed to register the 'live' part.

    If they streamline, surely they should manage all this stuff together - or at least provide a popup box - "you're registering a new product which comes with additional features which must also be registered, would you like to register these now or later?"
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