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We have Fastest, Shortest, Cycling, Walking and Avoid Motorways, why can't we have Avoid Country Lanes, which would avoid Unamed Roads. We have been having a discussion and it was suggested by DHN that there should be the Avoid Unamed Road option, this would force your TomTom to use the named A and B roads, Monkeyfish posted the following on the thread:-This has been the problem with TomTom since the very begining, and the main reason I've started using google maps. Country lanes in the UK are listed at 60mph. But most cannot be driven down at more than 20mph (narrow lanes etc), some even are impossible to drive down. Unfortunately TomTom sees these roads as 60mph, so it assumes it wil be quicker/shorter to take you away from a 40mph A road (large easy to drive down), and makes short cuts across country lanes. In reality this is MUCH slower. I just ignore TomTom whenever it tells me to use a country lane.


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    I could not agree more!!!  I get an ear bashing from my good lady when we are sent down narrow country lanes when there is a normal A or even B road that has a full 2 lanes as an alternative.

    Come on TomTom, get your act together, there are lots of drivers who do not like the narrow country lanes whenever they can be avaoided.  This cannot be a hard software upgrade to sort out surely!!
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    I agree, this is not only annoying, but also causes a lot more wear and tear on my vehicle - these small country lanes are usually a lot harsher to drive on with loads of pot holes etc... just outside Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK, my Via took me down some kind of donkey track, I honestly didn't think cars should drive down there.
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    Hi All.

    So glad I have read this topic. I am a lorry driver and like the rest of you my TT is sending me down narrow lanes as well. Luckily I have not got myself in to to much trouble "yet". Manly due to to the fact that I have checked road signs before I take the turning. The ones where wing mirrors have had to be pulled in, have been the ones where the road signs have been missing.(most likely knock down by the last lorry that went down there)

    Like the rest of you, my TT thinks taking a short cut a cross a "minor" road it better that traveling an extra 2 miles up the road to stay on the main road. I was beginning to worry that there was something wrong with my TT. Can now see that it is an issue with the new gen TT's.

    I have used both Eco and Fastest route and they both do the same thing. But going by the other threads it seems that the Fastest route option seems to take the short cut route less. Will stick to that one from now on. Just hope one day TT might be able to do a update to sort this out.
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    Hi Lorry_Driver,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Driving a truck you should consider the [url="; target="_self]Pro 5150[/url]. It is especially designed for Lorry_Drivers. ;)

    Here you can setup your maximum weight, height, length, width, ...  to be included in your route planning.

    Best greetings

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    Hi Andi,

    Wouldn't mind test driving one of these 5150's.

    I wonder how many people own them and what their thoughts were on their accuracy of avoiding low bridges, narrow Country Lanes etc?

    I have a Snooper Truck device in which I find really good and like the 5150, can change to a car device when using in a car. However, as I have a TT 820 Car device as well, I am thinking of either getting rid of my 820 and keeping the Snooper. Or, getting rid of both devices and buying the 5150, providing it doesn't require that Fleet adaptor.
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    Hi 999Responder,

    no, you don´t need a fleet app. The 5150 is designed for single driver. It is just webfleet ready.

    In our German forum we have a user named Trucker02. He is just testing the 5150 up and down. If you like just give him a PM, he will be happy to share his experiences with you. If there are problems with language skills, just contact me, I will try helping to translate. ;)

    Best greetings

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    Thanks Andreas,

    That's good to know that it's "Fleet Ready" to use as a stand-alone single user device.

    I'll give it some further thought and I may contact the user you suggested.

    Thanks mate :-)
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    Thanks for that.

    Will have a good look at Pro5150.

    At the moment it all comes down to cost. Hopefully when the Christmas expences are out the way. And I can see my bank ballence starting to recover I might go down that road. Till then will keep the one I have and keep my eyes open for road signs.

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    Just a thought  to all you readers of this topic.

    Would you think it would be a good idea if we did "Map Corrections" on these roads by reducing the speed limits to say 10MPH.

    What I mean is if your TT sent you down one of these lanes. There is a possibility it will send other drivers down there as well.  If we reduced the speed limit the TT thinks you can go down that road to lower. Then when every one else does their map update TT will no longer think its the quickest route. Hope that makes sence.

    I have been down some lanes and the speed limit on that road sign is the maximon speed limit sign.

    This is just a thought I have been having, and at the moment I have not done this myself as I am not sure what you other drivers would this of this idea.

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    Hi Lorry Driver,

    I do that already but reduce my speeds down to 20mph but if it is a narrow lane with a bad camber, I block the road off from both ends, so that my TT doesn't include that road anymore.

    However, so that it doesn't interfere with car drivers, who can negotiate these lanes. I do not share my "Map Corrections" and solely use it for myself.

    Also, I maintain my own database of roads I have made changes on, as with every new release of a map from TT, it removes all my Map Corrections and therefore, I can easily reapply them :-)

    Yes, I have a Snooper Truck Satnav too but I am currently using my 820 in my truck to see how many changes i have to do before I get bored doing it haha.
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    I recon your  idea is a good one to enter the route as restricted to 10mph as some of the routes cross country it was not safe on occasions to travel faste,r & I was in a car.
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    I cant believe this isn't an option. On recent trip to North Wales with my new TomTom I was constantly being sent down farm lanes and almost unmade tracks - seems the only thing to do is refer to the good old paper map for confirmation every time. Why not allow users to bar lanes and stick to A and B roads?
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    Even though this is an old post it's disappointing too see that this is still not an option offered by TomTom. This past weekend I went with family to visit a tourist attraction in East Sussex. I selected the option "fastest route" and was guided down winding country lanes which got narrower and narrower to the point I was driving at 20 mph on the 60mph and having to mount grass verges just to avoid the local 4x4s. I'm sure it took me much longer than it would have to just go via the motorway.
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    A great suggested improvement.

    Recently, while visiting someone in Devon I was taken down a track with grass growing down the middle of it and just wide enough for a car. Half way along this track I met a farmer on a tractor coming the other way - I got in a whole lot of practice at reversing!
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    I too discovered this the hard way, as a fairly new driver I braved the motorway yesterday to Northampton from Sandwell, and wanted to take the non-highway route on the way back as little monster was all full up of party food and had the potential for an in car vomit explosion, thus being able to find a local area to clean up as opposed to miles to the nearest off ramp. So I selected the avoid motorways option thinking it would be A and B roads all the way home and then I'm on an unnamed road going through villages, travelling at 30mph maximum as the locals are so used to them that they come tearing around corners at 60mph. Because of this I ended up who knows where and had to opt for the motorway route home to avoid my elderly car (shes 14) falling to pieces on some unnamed road and the recovery not being able to find us. I do agree it should be an option on tomtom's menu for ease of use for people.
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