Wrong Car Position After Software Update & New Map

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I've recently purchased a new UK/ROI map. Before downloading it I was requested to update my GO530 software. After updating software and downloading a new map my GO530 shows wrong car position which is a few hundred meters off the true position. Clearing everything off the device and PC and installing the recent software and the new map didn't help. Can anybody help?


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    Did you try some resets? See here how to perform a reset: [url=http://www.tomtom.com/6965"; target="_blank]http://www.tomtom.com/6965[/url]. Do you experience this problem also while driving? Did you download the latest QuickGPSfix file using TomTom HOME?
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    Hi Megalos,

    Thanks very much for the quick reply))) It seems that I'm experiencing the same problem as NigelSmith [url=https://discussions.tomtom.com/t5/GO-x00-x10-x20-x30-x40-x50-HOME/Not-finding-the-correct-road/td-p/266699"; target="_blank]http://discussions.tomtom.com/t5/GO-x00-x10-x20-x30-x40-x50-HOME/Not-finding-the-correct-road/td-p/266699[/url]

    Yes, I did try a reset, but just in case, I'll do it again right now.  
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    No, another reset didn't help and 'yes', the latest QuickGPSFix and everything else was installed about 1 hour ago)))) and 'yes' I am experiencing the same problem when driving.  
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    Seems to be a common problem at the moment; I have seen a few people on this forum, and also some people on other forums having the GPS offset problem (after updating their device). What happens if you remove the 'ephem' folder from the root of your device (without redownloading the QuickGPSfix update)? Does it help? Maybe some problems with the TT update yesterday/today.
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    No, unfortunately deleting 'ephem' folder didn't help(((.
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    I have the same problem with my 720. A few hours ago I went to Brussels , and my Tom Tom did send me to the middle of nowhere So I did a reset , tried to upgrade, nothing helps. The upgrade suggested by Tom Tom is not for the 720 series. Perhaps it 's a selling trick ?Modifying the software our 720 does not functions any more and we have to by a new GPS. Don not underestimate the Dutch's 
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi there,

    I got the same problem. My device is Go930. Just did the update yesterday, and gps shows the position about 50m wrong. I hope tomtom fixes this problem very fast...

    Nothing helps, no reset or reinstalling the software.
  • JillyjampotJillyjampot Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi, I have same problem with my 720. This was updated last week but only used for first time today. Thought it had gone faulty until realised many other people having same issue.
  • Chris64542Chris64542 Posts: 7 [Legendary Explorer]
    This happened to my TT520 about an hour ago - currently in Montreal (lost!!)

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    I have the same problem on my GO920 in France at present. Have tried power off/on, resets, updates all to no avail. I'm going to try Backup/Restore next unless anyone's got any bright ideas!
  • flik168flik168 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    There is something definitely wrong with the last update.

    I updated yesterday night and today it went horribly wrong. So I tried to reload the last backup and it still can't locate me on the right road.
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    Horrible day today in France after getting off plane with newly updated softward on a 920 and a just purchased French Map.

    Unit knows where it is when you look at the route, but it's almost as though the relationship between the car locaton and the map is just scrambled.  Rendered the unit useless and cost us a valuable first day of a vacation.  Will be watching closely.  thanks for any great thoughts and ideas to all.
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    Looks like this is a huge issue and causing lots of trouble while driving.  I suppose all we can do it sit fast till TomTom rectify the issue and hopefully e-mail all their members when fixed.
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    same problem here. My 920 went haywire today after updating.
  • Wyvern46Wyvern46 Posts: 499 [Exalted Navigator]
    If this is a qgpsf problem it may wear off as the data 'ages'. It's happened before, but no certainty that it will happen this time.
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    I updated my GO530 earlier on, and soon realised it was suggesting I was 300m west of the road I was driving on.  I know GPS doesn't give out the wrong position and we would soon know if there was any GPS jamming!  I think the fault is a Tomtom software issue - where the map overlay is out of line with the real world.  Tomtom need to release a correction to this in the next few hours before we all pop down the shops to buy a different brand...
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    Same thing happened to me.. Was going on a trip so i thought i would just update my tomtom.. Now it shows that i'm 200m away from where i actaully am and bounces me back and forth to different streets that i'm not even on..  Very bad update!!
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    Yes, Im having same problem with go730 in Australia, If I followed the instruction its giving at the moment, I would be in the Ocean...
  • dseb123dseb123 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
     Same here in North West CT (USA).. MY go 920 worked perfectly until I updated this morning around 10am (6/30/12)... The street are completely off.. Even the home location is off... Tried the reset and it did not work... I think the last update was not in sync with satellites.... They need to correct with a new update...
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    In TomTom HOME, go to Manage my "Whateveryouhave", Items on Device, and delete all the QuickGPSfix files.

    Then disconnect, do a soft reset, and give a go. If it is going to show the right location after that (but would take a bit longer), you've got the culprit.
  • TorontoHobbitTorontoHobbit Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I'm having the same problem with my GO 630...

    The unit shows my location as about 250m west of my actual location. I wanted to determine if the problem was with my map or the receiver, so I placed the unit side-by-side with my iPhone 4. I recorded the actual GPS coordinates returned from both devices:

    iPhone: N 36°50'50" / W 75°59'7"

    TomTom: N 36°50'51" / W 75°59'22"

    The iPhone coordinates are correct; I plugged them into Google Earth and the location corresponded with my actual location. The TomTom coordinates are off, but they indicate the correct position on the installed map, so I know the map is accurate.

    The conclusion is that the TomTom map is ok, but that the receiver is not calculating the position correctly.

    The unit has worked flawlessly for several years. In fact, it was working perfectly up until this morning, when - WHILE I WAS DRIVING AND USING IT - it abruptly started showing my vehicle was about 250m west of my actual location.

    I have tried resets, re-installs of the application, removal of GPS QuickFix, etc. Nothing works.
  • WestfieldSEiWestfieldSEi Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Tried deleting the quick gps fix as suggested but has made no difference to the incorrect location.
  • fredfred63fredfred63 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have a same kind of issue: yesterday I just update my tomtom  (regular update: quick fix....). After that when I use it, it shows a position on a wrong location. All afternoon the car symbol was on field close to the road or on a wrong road.

    How can I fix that. ( I have a Tomtom 730 go). Thanks
  • YorkshireNimbyYorkshireNimby Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    updated a 530 yesterday for the first time in ages - what a mistake

    Exactly the same problem - system thinks its about 200m off the road and is constantly trying to reroute 

    I can't believe TOMTOM can release an update that renders their own devices useless
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