Map share conflicts?

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Slightly puzzled as a main road near us was closed for ages for roadworks, reopened for a period, and has now closed again for 2 weeks for the last phase of the works.  I closed it on my TT on Monday and uploaded a new map share to show this latest temporary closure.  It appears that the latest updates from TT today have deleted that (I presume because of others reporting the earlier reopening); I've just put it back in and the device rerouted me past it and I've resubmitted the mapshare correction

So some questions -

1) which map share value takes precedence on a device with a user set change? (I.e the downloaded change or the existing locally set change even if more recent and pending upload)

2) I'm assuming that connecting to get the most recent map share updates does knock out the user set road closed entries on a device already as that is logical but if yes does this depend on whether the change at device level has been marked for sharing/not sharing?

Basically if you mark roads as closed (but non-shared) because you want to avoid them in future due to narrow width, bad junction visibility etc.,  (and therefore TT should theoretically never route you down them again) will they stay closed on just your device through future map share updates etc.?
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