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to get your device updated for the first time you need to install the TT Home application first. This application is used to handle the files on your device. You'll find it under the link provided below. Please run the installation as Administrator. Best would be to login to your account using an Administrator's account.
TT Home v2.9 (hyperlink)
Make sure that the TT Home application is allowed to fully access the internet and isn't blocked by any antivirus or firewall software. Afterwards connect your device to your computer and turn it on. If asked if you'd like to connect to the computer accept it. Now please create a backup of your device using Explorer first.
How to create a backup of your device (hyperlink)
Now open TT Home. The TT Home application should check for updates updates automatically and offer you all those available ones. If the application doesn't check for updates automatically just go to update my device to receive your updates. If there are application updates available install them first without any other update. Only install other updates after having installed all available application updates. Make sure that neither your device nor your computer enters any kind of power saving modus during the complete download and installation procedure as that would cause your installation to fail.
Now you should be able to get your further updates via the TT Home application as well. Keep in mind to always create a backup before applying any major changes like map or application updates.
Don't forget to disconnect your device safely after having installed the updates successfully. This is done by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right corner of the TT Home application.
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