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 I live on an unpaved road, so never ask my device to avoid unpaved roads.  The direct route from ny home at Lue/Pyangle to Breakfast Creek, NSW, Australia is along Powells Rd, LEFT into Battens Rd (also known as Pyangle Road) and then left into Breakfast Creek Road - which, according to whereis.com.au is a distance of 16.7 km and a travelling time of 27 mins.  So, why then does my Tom Tom One suggest as the ONLY route a much longer one, both as to time and distance - even though I have the very latest map???  And why can I not force my Tom Tom device to take me via the shorter route?


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    Add a Favourite location on the route you want it to take, place the Favourite about in the middle of the prefered route, when you next plan the route when its completed the route choise Alternate/ Plan Via/ Favourite and select the stored location (with practice this takes seconds) the device should now route you along the way you want to go - Mike
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    I understand what you say, but ...

    The problem is that the trip via Breakfast Creek is at the very beginning of much longer routes.  The route through Breakfast Creek is the shortest way from my home to the Bylong Valley Way and then to the north of NSW.

    Why should I have to do as you suggest, just to get to Bylong Valley Way and then, once I'm on the Bylong Valley Way, have to set a new destination (i.e. the place I wanted to go to in thre first place)???
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