error 1001. no live services

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I've had no live services now for a week. Keeps coming up with error 1001, also sim card error. Tomtom help ask its a server error at there end but just like to know if anyone else is having the same problem. Or has anyone find a way to keep it work. Really need traffic updates as I use it for work. My tt is 540 live. Kev.


  • hope68hope68 Posts: 409 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi Kev,

    what Firmware are you using?

    There has been one FW-update last September that caused problems with LIVE-service - esp. with UK-simcards.

    Do you have a back-up of the device? If so, what happens if you re-install the back-up?

    See also here: [url= 1001" rel="nofollow" target="_blank] 1001[/url]
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    Unless you use a Navcore10 device, please make a back-up of your device before any changes!!!

    All information given in good faith, but without guarantee! ;-) ....
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    I too had this error a while ago, after an update from TomTom.

    I had to install the update and revert back to the previous version until they had resolved it.

    This now seems fine, although with the new update my device (a 940) is noticeably slower.

    I get various errors also, most of which are fixed with a soft reboot (hold the power button for 15 secs or so), some of which require a complete return to factory settings and re-set up (which is a pain!)

    Live services (esp. traffic) is patchy and subject to not working for hours at a time.

    SIM card errors are also common place, as are 'can't connect to live services' errors...

    I have given up saving favorites as they are regularly deleted when updating / re-setting, and I have found no reliable way to back them up without a lot of hassle.

    POIs on the other hand seem completely stable and immune to the various resets / errors / updates, so I just create my own POIs for favourites.

    Job done.

    Tempted with the new kit, but until they get the HOME support issues fixed Ii shall hang fire.

    Hope this helps someone...
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    I have the same problem as the first post - "something wrong with SIM card".  Additionally, lately (before this final fault) I have noticed intermittent support from live services - sometimes no traffic info at all, no side bar, grey or blue.  For instance, nothing all day on 24/02/11.  25/02/11 worked fine all day.  Now nothing!  I have GO740 Live
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    Firmware version 9.054.5311676.1

    Tried restoring the backup. But sadly didn't  restore the live services.

    It stopped working on the 25.02.2011. I use the tomtom everyday and it hasn't worked since.

    Tomtom support said it's a server error at there end and it was been sorted today. Again still not working.

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    Did you try a Factory Reset and Are you logged in with your account details on the device?
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    Unless you use a Navcore10 device, please make a back-up of your device before any changes!!!

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    Tried default reset. Did hqve account settings in on device but since reset I can't get to that page because it comes up with the error 1001, there is something wrong with Sim card, contact tt customer support. Kev
  • hope68hope68 Posts: 409 [Exalted Navigator]
    If you connect your device to HOME2 - will you be offered a new FW-version?

    The version you had previously (9.054) had the SIM-card issue and is replaced with the 9.058 which should resolve this issue.

    After you have updated the device, check that your logged-in with your TT-account info on the device ... esp. when the trial period already has ended.

    If it is still not working - try another Factory Reset (not just the 20 sec reset where you hold the on/off button) and wait for around a minute if the traffic bar comes up and the spinning wheel starts to turn.

    If nothing happens then - unfortunately - you really have to contact customer support. Maybe they can help by resetting the LIVE account. That helped once in our forum, where a user had a similar issue.

    But your LIVE-subscription is still valid, correct?

    cu Peter
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    Unless you use a Navcore10 device, please make a back-up of your device before any changes!!!

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    For many people, Tomtom HOME will not upgrade directly from 9.054 to 9.058. You have to follow the steps at to remove your app and re-upgrade it.
  • 3285robert3285robert Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    Done the update and reset to default setting. Still no service. I pay for services monthly. I'm work college has the same tt and its now the same version as mine. He's is working fine. He pays monthly, same around. I had a reply from tt customer services again basically telling me it the server at there end, so I asked why does my colleges work then. Kev.
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    Hi... I also have had this issue for the past 2.5 weeks but today my Live appears to be up & working correctly. I had contacted TT customer services who agreed to change the device for a refurb but due to needing the device I hadn't sent it back.

    This morning the device showed no icon for lack of SIM so checked live services & was asked for my account login & voila it all worked!!! Happy days... now to see about compensation for loss of service.
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    As far as Favorites go , you can make a new category _My_Favorites  in which you can store your favorites .  Now this Category will show up  to be the first on your category list  and will always be there in further updates
  • 3285robert3285robert Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    The device is going back to the Netherlands. Tt support have Agreed the error is the server at there end as well as my device not communicating with each other. They said they will replace my tt for free. Thanks for all the help people.
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    Same problem with my devise for the last couple weeks. My Live Service died on 25th Feb 11. I asked Tom Tom when my subscription expired and they said that it ran from 18/4/10 to 25/2/12. I pointed out that this was not correct because I had not recently renewed my sub. they corrected themselves and said that my current sub was from 18/4/10 to 18/4/11 and that my future sub will run from 18/4/11 to 25/2/12. I have pointe out that this is not 12 months and asked where the date of 25th Feb comes from. Surely it is not a conincidence that my current problem with Live started on 25feb 11

    So I await their response
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    I had this error recently. Find hereafter how i solve this issue:

    First,  I empty the battery in my TomTom  (Color Diurnal + 100% brightness) it was down very quickly.
    When it was no longer possible to start it, I didn't touch it during a week.
    Then after this week, I connect my GO on his base and I start TomTom HOME. I went into the menu "handle my GPS" and then I entered my login ID to Live services.

    I don't know how it's possible, but my Live services were back after that.
  • RickRick Posts: 4 [Neophyte Traveler]
    I have had this problem for over two months, the solutions they keep giving out to me - to date have not worked. I have come to the conclusion that the software is interfering with the sim card. If you put the early software(8.371) in, the live bar comes up on the righthand side. (but still does not work) When you try to connect to server(please try later)  When you install the new software(9.058) the sidebar has disappeared and when trying to connect to server you get error:1001

    All I seem to do is to go round & round with TomTom.

    Hope you have more luck.

  • stevejean1709stevejean1709 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have tried the upgrade ot 9.058 following the steps to remove the old version and installing to new version from scratch.  No change - still getting Error 1001.

    Removed system and installed version 8.371 and Live Services started working immediately!

    This problem has been around for a long time (years?) and I have to confess that I have found an IT company worse than Microsoft.  Reading through the forum reveals that ongoing problems like error 1001 and systems re-booting mid-route are not attended to.  This tells me that the company either, doesn't care, or does not have the expertise to correct the problems.  Either way, they are happy to bombard us with expensive updates and peripheral products ignoring that what we have paid for is not working satisfactorily.

    My second complaint is that there is no obvious place to log into my TomTom account on line and check on the status and expiry date fo my current Live Services subscription.

    TomTom seems very keen to get us users to buy new maps etc but are unable to clear support issues with any speed or to the satisfaction of the existing user base.  I have recommended that friends steer away from TomTom altogether and will not be buying TomTom next time round.
  • alanbeealanbee Posts: 16 [Legendary Explorer]
    I agree with above. I am in the UK and my live services have stopped working on Good Friday for no apparent reason. I haven't done any update and was using the device with no problems on Thursday on a 300 mile trip.

    4 days now with nothing all I get is unable to connect to server.. No update on the TomTom site or any mention of problems yet they take our money.
  • NemesisNemesis Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    I've been going through the customary rigmarole of contacting customer services and running through a variety of "solutions", none of which has allowed reconnection to Live Services. TomTom have now come clean after all this subterfuge and stated:

    "As the last troubleshooting steps did not worked, I would like to inform you that currently there is an issue with the Live services, where most of the customers are facing Error code:1001 while attempting to use the Live services. We are aware of this issue and we are working delinquently to resolve this issue. You may be able to access LIVE services later on today as it is an intermittent server issue."

    Needless to say, the issue remains unresolved and my account continues to be billed for non-existent services. I think they hit the nail on the head when they said they were working "DELINQUENTLY" to resolve the issue. What a shower!!!

  • stevejean1709stevejean1709 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    An update - my Live "Services" are not working again and TomTom have not responded to my online support log!  Need I say more?
  • NemesisNemesis Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    My Live Services mysteriously returned about a week ago but for how long?
  • northstarnorthstar Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Error code: 1001.

    I have had the same problem. I let the battery drain down completely to zero. Until you can't turn it on anymore.

    I let it sit overnight. When I recharged it the next day the problem was gone and my live services were back up and running.
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    Hi,i`m having the same problem as you,on the same device! did you get it sorted??
  • alanbeealanbee Posts: 16 [Legendary Explorer]
    Mine just came back itself. I have 2 TomTom devices and they both suffer the same intermittent loss. I am sure it's down to the server at their end. Not reliable I am afraid!
  • AndiamoAndiamo Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have the same problem. They took the money for the subscription, and the live services don't work. I have tried logging into the device, have upgraded software on my computer, updated the device (am on 9.058), and no service - just keep getting message 1001 and problem with SIM.

    It's the second time it has happened to me - the last time I signed up for Live services it didn't work at all -so two months later, I logged a dispute with Paypal and got a refund. It's now almost a year later, and I thought they would have fixed the problems by now...and thought I would give Live servicea another go...I am very annoyed to have the exact same problem as before. If it's not fixed this week, I will be disputing the payment again and demanding a refund.

    What is especially annoying is that I upgraded my old TomTom device, and paid about £300 for the new device soley due to wanting Live services - so I upgraded, paid a lot for the device, and the reason I bought it doesn't work!! Bit of a rip if you ask me... not a very happy customer....
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