Maps won't download

We bought the TT Go Live 825.  Worked OK on first trip, then we had updates and now it is worthless since we lost all of our maps.  We tried the forum answer of clearing the cache, resetting and hoping the maps download-didn't happen-not on our mac or PC with Windows 7.  Then tried getting it to install from manage content after I logged in and that won't happen on either computer.  Any ideas?

Been working on this for a while and I have very little patience left.  I just want this to work, it shouldn't be this hard...


  • Lupus1Lupus1 Posts: 4,457 [Elite Voyager]
    Hi there,

    to get your downloads working please do the following things if not already done.
    • Use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as browser.
    • Make sure the myTT application is running and is allowed to fully access the internet and isn't blocked by any antivirus or firewall software.
    • Change the internet port your myTT application uses from port 4000 to i.e. 4001 or 5000.
    • After having your device connected to your computer go to your network connections and set the network symbolizing your device as trusted network.
    • I also recommend changing the preferences of the myTT application that future updates get downloaded first without the need of having your device connected to your computer.
    • Make sure neither your device nor your computer enters any kind of power saving modus during the update/installation process.
    • Always install application updates first and alone.

    ____________________________________________________TT XLS LIVE IQ Routes Edition (Text-to-Speech)map/Europe_North 875.3613 TT Start 60 map/Europe 910.4964 TT GO 6000map/Europe 926.5515TT Runner Cardio watchTT Home Connect Connect 1.3.9Win8 64bit
    I'm no TT employee but just a customer trying to help
  • juvejuve Posts: 27 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hy Lupus you said always the same thing do you think if all us of have the same problem the problem can be mytomtom app or web site ?
  • keefyboykeefyboy Posts: 311 [Revered Navigator]

    Listen to Lars. He is giving you good advice. If you follow what he says you wont go far wrong. If after following what he says and you still have problems ring customer services.

  • laz45laz45 Posts: 846 [Supreme Pioneer]
    It's all based on what we've tried and what we know works....regarless if it's on TomTom's server side

    or on the users end the fixes are tried known approaches.

    JFTR,"all of us" definately do not have the same problems.There's a mix of different issues  for

    different causes,Lars is simply outlining what's known to work for most people.....
  • RIP310RIP310 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Followed instructions, but upload stopped at 94% and refused to continue. Contacted customer services to no avail. Spent hours going though solutions on internet forum, many of which were posted by tomtom staff, all to no avail. Stumbled across my own way of resolving the issue. In the end I upgraded windows 7 to 10. I then used an uninstall tool to remove my virus checker and then reinstalled it. Lastly I downloaded mydrive connect and it worked.
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