TomTom Go on my Andriod phone (Samsung S10+ 512GB) no longer functions.

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2 weeks ago I went on vacation and wanted to use TomTom Go on my phone for easier navigation besides my original TomTom Go 5100.
After entering a destination the app closes, I've tried to restart the phone, switch off/on the phone, nothing seems to help, sending feedback trough the button also doesn't give a reply back.
Reading online it seems to happen to more people after some update, it must have happened recently because before 2 weeks or so ago I still used the phone without problems.
I still was able to navigate with my Go 5100 but I want it to work as it did in the past on my phone as well.
My phone is not out of memory, I've downloaded recent maps, etc...
The app version is 3.6.18 (4346)


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    Just initiate the OTA update to v3.6.33 (4361).
    After that don't forget to update the map nearly 1.6 GB data.