Voice guidance at Roundabouts on a GO Essential

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Hi, can anyone tell me why Tom Tom, when approaching a roundabout Serena says, for example, "Cross the roundabout and take the first exit" or similar. That confused me as the term, "cross the roundabout" suggests I need to go straight ahead then turn whereas it seems I needed to take the first exit.

Snooper ( sorry to mention that) would say, "At the roundabout take the first exit" rather than "cross the roundabout and take the first exit"



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    Yes, I have the same problem with the Romanian language where the guiding voice says:

    "Drive through the whole roundabout and then take the first exit."

    Which is a stupid thing ... because for the first exit you drive through the roundabout only a very small portion of it and not the whole roundabout all around it and only then take the first exit.