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I have a TomTom Bridge device in which I locked the profile with a password that I forgot.
I need disk image files that reset the device to factory reset.img as instructed on the tomtom website:

Factory reset device from recovery.
Factory reset from recovery is not normally possible in order to protect against end user factory resetting a device and rendering it unusable. There are cases where this can be helpful, however - for example when a screen lock has been set and forgotten. In these cases we can allow a factory reset from recovery. For this a special reset.img must be requested from the TomTom Bridge team. In order to factory reset a device from recovery:

List the MUIDs of the devices you would like to factory reset in a CSV file.
Contact the Bridge team and send them the file.
They will send you one or multiple reset.img images with instructions how to perform the factory reset.
Please be aware, these will always allow a factory reset from recovery so it’s best to recover on a case by case basis.