Releasing Tomtom sports watches' firmware and software.

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Not sure if it is possible since Tomtom went out of business quite long ago .. but if anyone of their software engineers still read this forum, would it be possible to release the software/firmware code so that it is made open source? Maybe a community of coders can add new and simple functions to it such as alternate watch faces, metronome functions?
I understand the xda community has a knack for doing such things ...

I think there are still a number of TomTom spark users and are still running fine. I replaced the battery on my Spark 2 years ago and it is still going strong. I am compelled to change to a Garmin/Coros/Polar but I the logic part of my brain tells me I don't really need those bells and whistles. But a few new watch faces or simple functions could keep things interesting on my old trusted Spark ..


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    It is never going to happen as TT Sports has stated in the past. The code is valuable intellectual property to TT and they are not going to give it way for free in the event they ever decide to revisit the business. It also creates a support nightmare because you then have limitless numbers of different firmware versions and even if you state it is no longer supported it will not stop people from asking for help on the forums or chat. The watches are obsolete and end of life.