Tomtom car play volume to loud

Lee the van
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Recently when I connect my iphone to carplay in the car ,The volume turns itself up to high on the tomtom app.I cannot turn it down as The volume control disappears .When I go into the settings I can turn it down manually ,but the problem persists.I have to unplug the usb cable to get the volume at a correct level.When its stuck on a high level I switched it over to google maps and then i managed to turn it down .So its the tomtom. app thats causing the issues with the sound.Any thoughts please ?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Lee the van
    Before sending this to my team for investigation, I require the information below.
    1. iPhone model-
    2. iOS version-
    3. GO Navigation app version-

  • Lee the van
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    Hi there, please see below:

    1. Iphone 13 pro max
    2. 16.0
    3. 3.2.2

    The problem was there before the update on my phone to ios 16, but has got worse since the update.

    To get round it, I unplug the usb-c cable at least 3 times from the usb-c socket, before the volume corrects itself and I can alter the volume manually.

    When it's not working, the volume doesn't alter at all, but does when using other navigation apps and the volume for the radio is called entertainment volume and the volume for the tomtom app is called navigation volume, this can only be altered on a spoken instruction.

    I've gone into the car's media settings and turned down the navigation volume to zero and still stays loud and I can alter it without pulling out the cable. I have different usb-c cables, to no avail.

    Thanks in advance.