Malfunctioning app Route du Solei this Year ?

Dear reader, we drive the route du solei from Roermond to Menton at least once a year. For this we use the paid Go app, updated before departure, but despite being very disappointed with how the app has worked this year. The app is very inaccurate such as, indicating that it is speed controlled but no controlle. Speed indication not correct or incomplete, petrol stations in Luxembourg on the E25 not indicated. So my question is, have multiple users had the same problems this year? Is there something you can do about this yourself or is it Tom-Tom's fault? (App installed on a Samsung Galaxy A52)


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    Same for me, but in Italia. Tried to send me over roads that dont excist and trough someones backyard.
    Maximum speed are wrong a lot of times. In Luxemburg, France, Belgium Germany and Italia.
    Only in Austria it worked.
    I just renewed my subscription before my holiday, but it was the last for me at TomTom.

    There seems to be no improvement what so ever. Even the Amigo app works much better and its from the same company.
    I've been patient for over a year, but money (like almost everywere) is mpre important than the customer.