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Why is the map view on my Tom Tom Go, so poor and lacking in detail ?
Why is the motorway intersection/division display so poor ?
This is so much better on my wife’s 12 year old Renault using Tom Tom Carminat Navigation, yet the app on my IPhone is poor by comparison ?


  • Lochfrass
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    The Go App uses an other Map format (NDS Maps). The Carminat uses the TomTom classic Maps.
  • nigelbbb
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    I find the level of detail on Apple's Maps app is far superior to TomTom & Maps is free on all iPhones. It does great turn by turn navigation. The voice is far more natural & the detail better (it tells you about traffic lights which TomTom ignores). The Live Traffic is at least as good as TomTom. There are only a couple of additions necessary for me to stop using TomTom & rely on Maps entirely eg audible warning of exceeding speed limit & current speed display.