Go camper saying routes are unsuitable for my vehicle.

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For some while I've had an issue where whatever destination/route I plot I'm told that "route is unsuitable for your vehicle". Obviously I checked the dimensions and weight that have been input and they are correct: Length 7M, Width 2.6M (it will not accept 2.7M) Height 2.86M. Weight: front 1.63T, rear 1.63T. Vehicle is a Mercedes sprinter with coach-built auto-Sleepers today, so nothing unusual. I've even put in a route from my house to the other end of our road and still get the unsuitable message although there are no restrictions.

I did tackle Tomtom way back regarding the inability to input the actual 2.7M width but eventually gave up due to the daft replies I was getting.

Any suggestions? The unit is out of warranty, btw.



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    I assume your software and maps are up to date?

    Have you tried changing the "vehicle type" to see if it misbehaves with all the vehicle type settings?

    The first weight is usually the 'Gross Weight' of the vehicle (I tried your Dimension/ Weight settings on my Go Camper which worked as normal) i.e. for a Heavy Camper I have it set at 3.75 / 2.50T.

    I assume you have tried a Drum Roll Reset?

    Next stage would be to try a Factory reset. ( you will have to set up the Go Camper from scratch though - make sure all your favourite places etc are being backed up in MyDrive)

    That usually clears out any gremlins or issues I have........... B) .