Setting speed limit in my TomTom Go Discover 7

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Hello TomTom team,

I love TomTom Go Discover 7, and thank you for making such an amazing navigation device. As long as I will drive a car, I will keep buying a TomTom device.

During one of my road trips, I noticed something that may be of interest to the engineering team as it affects the functionality of TomTom Go Discover 7 for personal use consumers. I was driving to Detroit and the map showed that I should be able to reach home by 8 PM. However, I reached home at around 11 PM.

Upon inspecting this problem and going through the discussion boards, I noticed that TomTom uses Highway Speed Limits to calculate the time of arrival. However, many users drive slower than that. Further, night driving is dangerous and one has to drive slower than the speed limit. I feel that following two features are stopping TomTom from becoming a truly versatile navigation system in my opinion: -

1. Ability to set maximum speed limit in TomTom Go Discover
2. Audio signal when crossing the highway speed limit or crossing the maximum set speed for the vehicle

I understand the engineering team is busy, and so, please do not bother to reply to this post. This is just for your information.

Thank you,

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