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I haved used TomTom devices for years and I recently changed to GO Discover 6". I have read several posts in this forum regarding lack of some earlier features in GO Discover. I'll list them once again in this post. And then also some new.

Possibility to import own POIs like with Go5100.

Toggle button for nigh/day mode. In Go5100 it was next to volume button but it doesn't exist in GO Discover. I know I could use voice commands to change that mode but I prefer to use button.

Saving my current location to My places is not working as earlier. Now you need to change the view to north up and then zoom so much, you can tap the icon. It's very hard to do while driving.

Reporting incorrect speed limit has also disappeared from the menu while clicking location indicator. There're lots of incorrect speed limits. If TT thinks users will report them via reporting tool, that won't work. How I could remember what I should report afterwards? Especially when I can't easily save my current location?


Then some other suggestions which I didn't notice in other posts:

Could it be possible to adjust the width of sidebar easily by just wiping it from right to left? Sometimes it would be great to have that wide sidebar but now you need to do it via settings. And when not needed that wide sidebar, you could narrow it by wiping from left to right. And there's also an option to hidden that sidebar while driving. It will pop up only when there're decisions to make. If you would wipe one more time from left to right, you could hidden it. That would be great feature!

Instructions panel is not transparent at all and rather large. Could it be possible to adjust the transparency level / size of that panel? I know you can change the font size from large to small but that's not the same. It will also change all other fonts size making it harder to use the device.

For some reason while driving, all names of the connecting roads are bolded. I find that feature disturbing because they have nothing to do with my route but when checking the screen, they will steal the spotlight. Maybe TT has tought it would help to find some address when those connecting roads are bolded. But hey, I have planned a route to do that work! I don't need to manually find roads from the map :open_mouth: At least it should be possible to disable that feature.

Is it really necessary to show that sound icon all the time in the screen? How many will change regularly between "all sounds - only alerts - muted"? You could change that icon to menu/settings or other more useful.

I have also noticed a change in instructions. In Go5100 when earlier instruction point has reached (eg. roundabout), it changed immediately to next one (eg. Drive 10 km). Now in this Discover while earlier instruction point has reached, it will show "0 m" for a moment and only then change to next instruction. Is that because of new map system or what? I have not seen that kind of behaviour in any other navigation system. I find that little bit confusing.

In other posts users have asked a possibility to close automatically that box which opens when reached the destination. I agree with that. It could close automatically eg. after 5-10 seconds. Also, why that weather and temperature is only shown when arrived at the destination? While you're already there you can easily see the weather by looking at the window. I think it would be more useful to show that weather at the destination while _planning_ the route of possible during the drive with the wide sidebar? But at the destination I can't find that very useful...


Well, maybe that's enough for now.


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    habbe wrote: »
    (Snip) (3) Saving my current location to My places is not working as earlier. Now you need to change the view to north up and then zoom so much, you can tap the icon. It's very hard to do while driving (Snip)
    To use the 'Save your current location to MyPlaces' using the new GO Discover & GO Expert etc range.…
    A 'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) works on a 3D Driving view, a 2D North-up Planning Map view, with or without a route planned....

    Note...[1] A 'Quick Tap' and 'Long Tap' of the screen gives different menu options
    Note...[2] To add a Location that's not your present location... You can 'Long tap' anywhere on the 2D North-up Planning Map Screen to add the location to MyPlaces

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    You gave that same answer in other thread:

    There your answer was similar with this one with the exception of this:

    "Pinch-Zoom the map screen for more detail/accuracy
    'Long Tap' (Tap and hold for +1 second) on the/your Present Location Cursor/Chevron --> A quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot icon --> Tap Add to MyPlaces
    Accept or Edit the name --> Tap 'Add'"


    I tried that latter option and it worked. But it's not possible while driving. Is it really possible to save your current location in 3D driving view just by pressing that present location cursor? If it should, that won't work. The only method which works is to press compass icon (to view the whole route), then long press present location cursor, then tap that 3dot icon and finally save the location. But as you already wrote, you need to pinch-zoom the map screen because otherwise the present location icon is rather small and it's hard to press the correct place.
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    I tested this again. It doesn't work. I planned a routed and started route preview. In 3D driving view pressing the present location cursor shortly opens a menu to report a speed camera or avoid road block. Long pressure do nothing.

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    Regarding my suggestion number 6 about instruction panel transparency. See attached screenshot. Even the speed is 115 km/h, the map is zoomed very close and the instruction panel will hide big part of the screen. Eventhough this screen is bigger (6") than my earlier one (5") and the resolution is also much better, this Go Discover will show fewer map because of that huge instruction panel AND zooming, which is not working as well as in earlier versions. I have tried all those zooming settings and none of those automatic zooms won't work very well. It's quite common that map is zoomed too close and I need manually zoom out.