Is anyone successfully using Amigo with Android Auto?

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I have been using Amigo for a long time and love it but am unable to get it to work via Android Auto. It either crashes immediately or crashes shortly after. It works perfectly when used directly on my Samsung S20 phone! Google Maps and Waze work within Android Auto without issue but I really want to get back to Amigo. Am I the only user experiencing this issue? I have tried re-installing both Amigo and Android Auto, clearing the cache etc.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @VillageGuy
    We would require some additional information, so our team could investigate.
    1. AmiGO version-
    2. Android version-
    3. Android Auto version-
    4. Does the application load on Android Auto?
    5. Is there a particular circumstance or another trigger that causes the app to crash while in use? (Speed camera alert, voice guidance instruction etc)

  • VillageGuy
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    Hi Vikram

    Amigo Version: 8.441.0 (13062)
    Android Version: 12 One UI Version 4.1
    Android Auto version 7.8.622564
    Phone Samsung S20 FE

    The most common failure is starting the program from the AA interface. The program will try to start showing parts of the interface (mostly light bule background) and then crash telling me either AA is not responding, or Amigo will indicate not responding wait or exit. Yesterday I received an AA update and this has improved the reliability but not resolved it. I can now sometimes get the autostart function to work. Needless to say the App works perfectly when running directly on the phone.

    I hope this helps as I really like to use amigo in preference to other Apps

  • Eric_1950
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    Amigo has always worked perfectly for me on Android Auto up until the most recent update. Now I find that I have to launch it on my phone before connecting it. Once connected it works without any problems.

    Galaxy s21, VW Golf.
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    S21 FE wirh Golf 2018, sometimes works well, sometimes It runs slow and the map is delayed.
    The bug that not show me the traffic color on my light blue road is present for months and months (from months I don't see the road like this photo, I see only the blue road)