UConnect nav 5 system completely out of action after update to map 1095

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UConnect nav 5" system nr. TPxxxxxxxxx285/4902 - FIAT 500L - Milan - Italy - Cell. 3xxxxxxxxx4

On 18/8/2022 I bought online the update to map 1095 (order #413989396). I downloaded the map to a USB stick and received confirmation of the end of the download on the system. I inserted the USB stick into the car and launched the update. At the end I did not receive any message or on-screen confirmation of correct and finished operation. Since then the entire Uconnect system has gone into crisis with automatic reboots every 2 minutes. Only the radio works during those two minutes. The phone tries to install itself very slowly and the navigator sometimes arrives at the first screen with a grey map and settings that cannot be set. Frankly, I am furious about this serious damage and disservice, which has apparently also affected other car makes and is entirely down to TomTom's inexperience. I am also intent on pursuing legal action because you can't release a new product with possibly serious bugs that have compromised the functioning of the device. It means that no debugging was done before the release, probably to save money as is also the case with Microsoft with Windows, so the damage is borne by those fools who pay for it and you save a few cents! Along with this I would like to emphasise the great uselessness of an online support system that only asks you questions instead of giving you answers and that after confirming the type of integrated device you told it about continues to refer to other portable devices. Painfully clumsy and fraudulent as is the termination of the customer phone service and the denial of dealings with you by numbers that online appear to be available to you and are announced as customer contact. Are you running away with the till, perhaps?
I look forward to a comprehensive reply from you with instructions on how to solve the problem if you have succeeded and a free operational intervention by you that will at least eliminate the damage suffered. If not, in addition to wishing you eternal damnation, you will receive communications from my lawyer and I will promote a press campaign and a European class action against your misdeeds and cowardice.

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