Import Track - Get Two Options?

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When I build a track and share it with my mates, some of them get two options to choose from on their device. One of these two options is (sometimes) called 'Fastest'. The idea of a track of course is that it is copied identically onto other's devices. Which one is the correct track - and how does this issue arise in the first place? I cannot find a solution for this, let alone recognition of the issue. Who can help out? Thanks!


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    Welcome to the site....
    GPS Exchange Format (WikipediA)
    A .GPX file can be made-up of 3 elements...
    wpt Type (Waypoint)
    rte Type (Route)
    trk Type (Track)

    The source file you are distributing to your mates is probably a .GPX file containing both the (Route) and (Track) elements....
    Tomtom devices like the Rider 4xx & 5xx devices ONLY use a .GPX (Track) element of the file....
    The Tomtom device strips out and separates the (Route) & (Track) elements of the file... Then saves both files.....
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