question about models comparison, lifetime traffic, cameras and world maps and size

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hi there

what is best latest tomtom models to get with free lifetime world maps, traffic and cameras please?

i heard go premium or premium x as latest models discover or exclusive must be paid with subs after a years or so later on. is that true?

also is it better 6 or 7 inch todays, as 7 inch might be too heavy to hold on front window? any experience please?



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    If you want a top of the range device to include free Lifetime World maps, Traffic and Cameras.…
    That specification = The Go Premium and the GO Premium X…
    They both have free lifetime world maps, traffic and cameras….
    The GO Premium X has the extras of a travel carry case, screen protector, dual charger....
    Both devices use a GPRS SIM for for Free Live Traffic….


    Re… The 7" GO Discover Mount is different... And NOT interchangeable....
    It's more substantial... With a wider spacing between the device locating lugs....
    The suction cup size is increased from 60mm to 70mm diameter...
    Plus a Ring-nut type clamp for the ball joint....
    Also, the Power adapter is rated 5v 2.4 Amp and the USB cable also has a higher current rating....

    The Suction Cup has never failed on my 7" GO Discover.....
    The 5" & 6" Discover models use the standard Active mount....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    But it works with a smartphone not sim.