Synchronisation issue between MyDrive web and Tomtom device

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I have an issue, only started recently, device and web data differ. So i have 4 favourites stored in my places which show on web and my Premium Go X, I also have 6 x custom made POI files which are all showing correctly on device, problem is 1 x POI file is shows as 1kb on web interface and has nothing in it (downloaded it to edit it via POI editor) I’m signed in using same account, device is connected to Wi-Fi (updated speed cameras) Tried logging out on both web and device and re signing in again but no difference. Also I cannot connect to using Safari (Mac) anymore, just keep getting 404 error, only way I can get on is to use Google Chrome.
Any ideas?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Lambo67
    Could you try clearing the cookies and history in the web browser and see if you can access the MyDrive website?

    You can probably try using any other browser other than Google Chrome.

    I would suggest deleting and re-adding the location to 'My Places'.