Returning a SatNav for service from the UK

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For service under guarantee TomTom use UPS as the courier company. The repair is undertaken in Bucharest. The instructions from TomTom and UPS are somewhat lacking in what paperwork is required and where it needs to be placed/attached. Firstly one copy of the original invoice needs to be enclosed within the box returning the Satnav along with one signed copy of the customs declaration form. in a clear plastic bag (ideally with a zip style close) or an open envelope sellotaped to the outside of the package, you need to attach 2 x signed copy of the customs declaration form, along with a copy of the original invoice which needs to identify the value of the item, and a detailed description of the item itself. This will speed up the process of returning the item and avoid UPS Centralized Exceptions Resolution Team at East Midlands Airport, who are responsible for completing UK Export customs data formalities on your behalf for any UPS shipments, having to contact you for the information. I hope this helps if you have to return an item for repair.
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