ULEZ and Congestion Charge zones - London England

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Hi, just wanted to share with all UK London based Tom Tom users. Sent the following to customer services. Their feedback was to suggest that the more users make the same request the quicker their software dept. will provide downloadable updates. Please support and make a similar request - thank you.

6 Sept 2022, 15:44 CEST
"Hi, can you please advise why it is that there are never any software updates which include the ULEZ and Congestion Charging zones in London - England, GB??. This functionality would be extremely useful when planning a route which would allow the individual user to select an option to take them either inside or outside of these two charging zones. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Best regards."


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    Not just London: ULEZs are planned for Edinburgh, Glasgow and several other Scottish cities, and no doubt elsewhere in England.
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    @Homebase11 i feel your pain, large amounts of users have been complaining for ever! even the most expensive TomTom products said it could do it, then when people bought it no luck! Its not even just the UK, other countries all complaining about the same thing. I have 3 devices and mobile version too, but still get sent down ULEZ routes etc..

    Every competitor in the market already supports it or warns you before route start that you will go into a zone that charges, its like they hope if you can afford a high end TomTom you have an EV or new car! Its been a pain for ages, as support say the same to everyone to get them off there backs!! Only real option is to make it hit there sales targets! or lots of refunds etc.. Happy to pay a premium to get all my devices to support ULEZ or any other countries similar zones