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I bought a new expert go truck navigator but it has a lot of errors on the map and as a result it makes wrong routes for trucks, after many reports the service department can't tell me how to solve the problems and meanwhile I can't use the tomtom for work. I have always had tomtom navigators but I think this is the last one

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    Hi @Danielturbo
    Have you already tried a factory reset to see if there is an improvement?
    If a factory reset does not help, then the routing errors on the GO Expert models will require additional details to investigate the problem and get to the bottom of it.
    1. Serial Number:
    2. Navcore:
    3. Map regions installed:
    4. Start point of the Route:
    5. End point of the Route:
    6. Exact point on the route where the issue occurs:
    7. Exact Issue Observed (Low bridge etc.):
    8. Attach detailed pictures /URL from route planner for the route:
    9. Vehicle Dimensions:
    10. Length:
    11. Width:
    12. Height:
    13. Weight:
    14. No of Axles:
    15. Hazmat Specifications:

    Could you report this issue to our customer service team along with the above information, please?