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Wonder if anyone has experienced the same but I'm very annoyed about this as it seems to happen every time. Basically on the way from London to Manchester instead of going on the normal motorway like m6 my tomtom go 6200 takes me through a50 then a500 and a518 all these random a roads and side places instead of simple straightforward way ? Noticed literally every time and it upsets me as specifically like sticking to the regular motorways which I'm familiar with and recognise. Hope someone can shed some light on this topic and help me if it's possible to avoid these random alternatives.


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    Just a thought....
    Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route Planning
    Scroll down to... 'When a faster route is available'....
    Have you set it to 'Always take the fastest route' ???

    I use... Ask me so I can choose....
    At least I know when the device thinks there's a faster route available....
    Otherwise, I would not be aware of the Route Change (The Original Route may not now be faster ??? But the new route may not the type of route I prefer to use)

    PS,,, I've never liked the Eco route option....
    I have been offered some strange routes using the Eco option....