Why will the update of the map not transferred to the device? (via MyDrive Connect)

Ralf_62 Registered Users Posts: 1
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I installed the newest version of My Drive connect ( Everthing is fine but the update of the map will not start.
The new update of the navigation device TomTom5100 as 1st step run perfect. I have two devices an the behavior is the same.
Any ideas to solve the issue?


  • rider1rider
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    check and firewall on computer
  • tonylees
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    It sounds like I have exactly the same problem. MyDrive Connect successfully downloads items for update and then says device updating but nothing happens. I tried again yesterday and left it running all day overnight and still nothing happens. My device (5000) works fine and says it is connected to my computer and MyDrive Connect says it is connected to my device.