No Tom Tom Services for 3 days

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I have a Go5000.
Based in south of UK north of London
Purchased Speed camera update 3 days ago
Cannot connect to live services from device
GPRS shows as connected
Speed camera updates shows as activated
Traffic shows as _ Activated
Network status shows as Connected
My Derive shiows as Activated
SIM shows as active (connects via inbuilt SIM not WiFi)
Have done 4 hard re-sets using power button off until drum roll- no change in behaviour
Read in various places on Communnity that theer were issues with server (Vikram) but he says that they are now fixed. Mine will still not connect
I have sent email question to support yeaterday- no reply :-(
I travel to France tomorrow and need a solution/explanation
I have carried out all the checks I can find (Sharing device's position etc) No solution works
Is there still an issue with the servers or is it a problem my end?
Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • Willy875
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    Normally Tomtom Trafic services solved yesterday

    Try the troubleshooting video

  • Gerry08
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    Thanks Willy. Tried that before, no result :-(
  • Gerry08
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    Ok- tried it again Factory Reset. That has restored services, but klist all My places as it was being syned wit Route planner :-(