More and More units not connecting to traffic or bluetooth

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I have an existing GO6200. Recently I noticed an ever increasing number of people having problems connecting to traffic and to Bluetooth.
I have factory reset my unit as well as soft resetting it. This has not assisted.
I have lifetime maps and speed camera updates. I have the same problem with my GO 600
I was going to buy a new stand alone GPS but I was told that this was not available in New Zealand. I should consider using the Tom Tom mobile app. As this app is not connected in places that have no mobile signal this does not suit my business requirements.
I am getting the feeling that Tom Tom has placed a “bug” in their latest software updates that causes the traffic to drop out.
They are trying to push users to subscribe to their mobile services.
Time to look at Garmin!!!!


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    Unfortunately I'm in the same position as you.
    There's issues with tomtom.
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    Tom Tom seems to be concentrating their efforts and focus on the fleet market with built in GPS. What they fail to realise is that companies like Mitsubishi have taken NAV systems out of their vehicles as they only update every two years and roads are changing dynamically.
    I bought and returned a Tom Tom Rider 550 because it would not work with the Apple IOS. Another indication of their lack of focus on stand alone GPS.
    It’s the stand alone systems that “made” Tom Tom in the first place.
    Garmin is rubbing their hands!