Android TomTom Go still mispronouncing place and road names

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The pronunciation of town and road names is still absolutely hopeless. I reckon it mispronounces around half of UK place and road names. It pronounces "Christchurch" as "Ker retch Chur", "Worthing" as "Whirr rith thing", "Churchill Way" as "Churr retch hell Way" and "Barnstaple" as "Bar ren stable". Sometimes you can't understand the road name it's saying and take the wrong turn or get in the wrong lane. It often seems to add additional syllables for example "Fairmile Road" becomes "Fair rem Mile Road".

Needless to say a subscription SatNav system that cannot pronounce names is pretty damn useless. I've encountered when using the app on my phone for over a year, but now I'm particularly mortified to discover my brand new car that has built in TomTom SatNav also has the same problem. The dealership was clearly very embarrassed by it. I've opened a ticket with the car manufacturer.

This is still not fixed after a year of empty promises from TomTom. The suggested alternative Samantha voice doesn't say any place or road names, you just get basic turn announcements so is useless for navigation.

When is this going to be finally sorted out? It's not like this is a free app, we're paying for this and it's still not being sorted out.


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    which voice do you use ?
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    Sorry, I should have said. It's the Serena voice. It didn't used to be this bad. I suspect the voice engine was changed due to licensing wrangles. Why doesn't TomTom just use the standard Android voice services? Google Maps and Waze use that and can pronounce places and road names properly.
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    Should have fixed since 2021

    There was a workaround from @Jürgen
    Is that possible for you to use Serena+another region?
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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have already tried that, but then it starts calling roundabouts rotaries and using other non UK terminology. This shouldn't need working around, it needs to be fixed and TomTom have had a very long time to do this now. The original post for this was in October 2021 and I reported it way before then and there is still no fix.
    They keep telling me "we are working hard on this", when clearly they are not. It seems like it's being ignored and TomTom are just hoping people will put up with it. I note the lack of a response from TomTom to this post. This is simply unacceptable considering the high percentage of place and road names it mispronounces to the point of rendering it unintelligible. Definitely not what you need from a SatNav when lost in an unfamiliar part of the country.
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    So no response from TomTom. Very poor. How to I raise a support ticket for this issue?
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    You are on a user forum
    Contact customer service.

    How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email
    How to contact TomTom customer support by email
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    Thanks for that. You get directed to this forum first, which is why I posted here. I've now opened another ticket.
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    Well TomTom support has fobbed me off yet again with the following:
    "Our technical crew is working diligently to discover an appropriate solution for this issue. As you can understand, this being a technical issue, we are undecided about the time it might take.
    I hope this addresses your query, if you have any more queries or would like to update me, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and I’ll be more than happy to help."

    They clearly don't have any intention of fixing this. TomTom clearly thinks a SatNav that can't pronounce half of UK place names is somehow acceptable. Very disappointed and angry about this now.
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    TomTom are closing my ticket saying it only affects "a very limited set of devices". Not sure how all UK Android phones using the Serena voice is a limited set, but hey.
    Appalling customer service. Switching to Garmin.
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    I have the same issue since my Galaxy s10 plus
    S20 plus
    S21 ultra
    And now s22 ultra
    How do they say it affects only some devices?
    Even the simplest Road names it says it really bad
    Liverpool street
    Church Lane
    Princess Road
    Birmingham (the most horrible pronunciation)
    I get this issue in over 80% of the roads
    This is really annoying and very basic to fix but no it has been the same for years
    I use Serena voice as well
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    Yes, it affects all my Android devices. We're just being fobbed off by a company that clearly doesn't care about its users having a bad experience with their product.

    I can only suggest you also log a support ticket using the link above. Perhaps if enough people log tickets they might wake up and realise their paying customers are fed up with this unacceptable situation.

    It will be interesting to see if you get the same canned response. Sadly, I suspect you will unfortunately.
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    I've mention this months ago without any fix. The work around being to use another voice is rediculous. Serena gets her tongue tied on most streets near me. Even mis pronounce road on occasions! I've had to set her not to say out street names.

    To be honest, Tom Tom has been useless with the other bug fixes I have raised and not one has been fixed. So much so I've been using Google maps the past year. I sometimes try it again to see if it's improved but it hasn't. Instantly trying to find a place it fails, then when choosing a route it doesn't list the duration with the eta (but it does in AA? Do your teams not talk to each other?)

    So Tomtom if you do read these forums and actually care, I won't be renewing.