Avoid TomTom Go start with Android Auto

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TomTom Go runs every time I start the car and Android Auto starts.
Even if I don't need TomTom Go and I don't have a route set, the app starts automatically.
This way my mobile phone consumes the battery unnecessarily (TomTom Go uses the GPS of my mobile phone).
I have no way to close TomTom Go, even if I go back to the main menu of Android Auto it still remains in the background and drains the battery.
Is there any way to avoid auto start if there is no set route?


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    Take your Smartfone in hand, open G. Assistant, setting, transportation then Driving Mode,
    tap at two positions "Do nothing when driving is detected" or whatever you want e.g. "Ask before lauching"

    It's easy, just look into this
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    It's simple but not works.


    I have try also to uncheck "Per navigazione con Google Maps" but not works.
    When I turn on my car Android Auto start and then TomTom Go start.
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    OK, that's good, now you have disabled actions from the so called driving mode Google wants to have to serve you with the best experience.

    Next step is to suppress the AA autostart cmd fired up and initiated by your car after detecting a BT connection.
    Take you smartfone, search and open the App Android Auto.

    2 settings are most importan and relevant:
    - Automatic> DrivingMode > OFF
    - AA automatic start > Initiated by Car

    That means you can start AA by hand touching the car's display when it's needed and NOT when Google think it's time.

    There are more different settings inside AA, just play with those to see the effects.
    Good luck.