Go 6100 Crashed When Being Attached To My Account

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Whilst trying to register a new (to me) Go 6100 to my TomTom My Drive Connect account, the process failed.
The sat nav then wouldn't start and told me no maps were installed.
It then crashed completely and I had the dreaded Red Cross screen.
I have tried many times to reinstall the software from the white screen as advised by TomTom, but it's not working.
I have successfully done this to other devices in the past with no issues
What else can I do to rescue my sat nav?
I have spoken via webchat to support who suggested I sent it in for repair at a cost of 105Euros!!! (more than the value of the device)
It was working perfectly before I tried to attach it to my account for updating. So frustrating.
Any ideas of a way forward would be appreciated.