No map found on the tomtom start 52

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i have the no maps found problem and i don't know how to contact support, there is only the chatbox which doesn't help me at all. can anyone tell me how to contact?

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  • VikramK
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    Hi @elpalmi9

    We have activated a different map of Europe on your account. This map should get offered in smaller map regions/countries.
    Could you try few steps as below-

    1. Remove the memory card and format it on a computer.
    2. Without inserting the memory card, connect the device and check for updates.
    3. Download a small map region/country that will fit easily on the internal memory.
    4. Disconnect the device and do a soft reset.
    5. Insert the memory card and format it when the device prompts.
    6. Connect the device to the computer and check for new map updates in MyDrive Connect.