Truck / Motorhome/ Towing Option for IOS App version

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Since the android version has the ability to enter dimensions & weight details for routing, and there is a tom tom go camper version, is there any future development plans to bring this to the IOS App?
I currently use an alternative Sygic GPS Truck & Caravan App but would prefer my TomTom App presentation and interface. I'm sure there is market for this rather than cluttering up the dashboard with a camper go screen as well as my iPhone.
Any chance of this appearing?


  • MUP
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    TT is always aware of this Feature-Request.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @RotorPig
    Welcome to the community! The truck navigation is something that we have on our roadmap (no timelines), but as of now this feature is only available for the Android phone.

    I will log your feedback and share it with the concerned team.


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    Hi @VikramK
    Could be @lampard had setup a FR in July 11th.
    Have you seen my link above?