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How come some map changes I've posted in mapshare, say early july have been fixed, they show up correctly in the map share map and also in Amigo but not on my Go android app. I thought the go maps were meant to be updated fairly often but it seems more and more that its not the case. Could the fact that I'm a beta tester affect the map updates somehow? 41770 is my map version.


  • jacare60
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    Even using the same type of NDS maps, on AmiGO (online) the corrections are immediate, on TomTom GO (offline) they take between 30 and 60 days because there is only one update per month, when it takes no longer. I don't understand why but that's how it works.

    If you plan a trip and make a correction 15 or 20 days before on Mapshare it won't update in time, that's how it is.