Is it worth getting my Go 6000 repaired, again?

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Hi everyone.

I honestly can't remember how old this thing is, or originally was. Years. Cost my other half hundreds, though admittedly that did include global maps and lifelong updates. The one I now have is the second - the original stopped holding charge to the point where it couldn't start. What I suspect happens is that the power required to start is significantly higher than what is required to run once started, so if it's on a low power supply such as a USB socket or a car power socket, it draws on the battery while starting. It takes it ages to start, perhaps a minute, and the battery can't supply enough extra current for long enough, so it announces it's empty and shuts down, even if it has power connected at the time. This is what the original was doing, and I paid £75 for a repair. They replaced it under service request OOW5892929 (July 2019) with an alternate unit (the one I now have) which started developing battery issues after a time (perhaps a year), and now struggles badly to start unless it's on a high-powered tablet charger. The current serial number begins QQ so any particularly well informed folks out there will know roughly when it was manufactured.

Anyway as the replacement unit is now doing the same thing as the original, and the holder which is supposed to stick it to the windscreen no longer does, I could ask to have it 'repaired' again, which I'm guessing might now be more like £100... or I could just decide not to throw more good money after bad, especially as I can just download maps onto my phone if I'm going abroad. What's the life expectancy on these things - does three years until it's completely unusable sound about right, and would I now be likely to get another old one with a part spent battery? I've attached the unit information screen, which appears to be saying that the battery has all the charge in it that it's going to get, which appears to mean, not enough. Any advice here...?



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    I'm not sure I've sufficiently conveyed what I meant.

    A USB socket on a computer supplies about half an amp. A tablet charger seems to supply around 1.5-2A. Answers seem to be variable on what a car power socket supplies.

    When the original satnav was new, there was no problem with it starting. When I first received the second one there wasn't. Now, there is, and the reason appears (again) to be a degraded battery, and this issue doesn't appear to be affecting significant other's Garmin. I don't think I'd want to go down the line of drawing higher and higher currents from the car, even if it was possible and even if it worked. I might add that I haven't proved my theory of high current drain during start-up - it's just a theory that appears to fit the fact that it starts with a tablet charger but not in the car. I should also add that the car is quite capable of supplying enough current to charge and run the mobile, though I haven't measured how many amps that is. I almost wondered whether it was worth trying it without using the official mount, plugging the lead direct into the satnav, just in case there's some kind of obscure fault with it... but that does seem to be clutching at straws. I can see from the information screen on the satnav if I unplug the power just how fast the battery discharges. It sure as heck looks like a degraded battery. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

    I want to know whether it's worth paying for another 'repair', or whether any 'repaired' unit would be likely to just go the same way even faster than the old one. Do Tom Tom batteries have a tendency to degrade faster than other brands? Is two or three years basically all you get? ... Are we now at the point where satnavs are basically a bad idea and we may as well just use Google maps on our phones??

    See: charging times.-,What is the power output from a computer USB port,current up to 0.9A.