NVA-SD8110 GPS location error after updating to latest cards

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I bought the latest cards for my wife's Mazda 2. The navigation GPS is wrong and believes it is located about 200 km away more North-East. I have tried numerous times support, but after 15 emails and after the holidays I do not get a response anymore. The ticket is : 1547448 | TomTom Mazda navigatie werkt niet meer na kaartupdate

Does anybody know how to fix the issue? It is pending for 3 months now. Not really a great present for my wife :-(.

The car kit also does not work, it connects and immediately drops off. I had that 3 years ago with my Windows Phone, and the one but latest iPhone of my wife has the same. I won't buy TomTom anymore. Too many issues.


  • Willy875
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    Maybe it's the GPS that no longer picks up the position of the satellites?
    Maybe the Mazda dealer can help you?