Windy roads through 30 km/h areas?

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I have recently bought a Rider 50. During my trips I noticed that when I select „windy or curvy roads“ to get to my destination, the navigation likes to kake me throught cities, villages & especially zones, where you are only allowed to drive 30km/h……

Is there an easy way to avoid these areas?


  • Stevevandeheuvel
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    Hi Wouter,

    around 2 or three years ago I asked exactly this question. I am still waiting for a (polite) reply from TomTom. It is obviously a question that they cant answer so they choose to ignore it. Very rude! They could at least tell us that they don't have the resources to look at this question and they dont have the programming skills to solve the problem. This problem in my opinion is a big one as many times my "windy routes" have sent me through busy city centres or residential areas with speed restrictions speed bumps and small children crossing the roads. Surely TomTom can see this problem for what it is. I wonder if Garmin have solved it???